Influencers show how to become Instagram famous

Instagram famous


Every seventh human out of 7.6 billion in the world officially uses the Instagram app. That’s what the brand’s metrics say as of late. In 2018, Instagram announced the app had 1 billion active users monthly. Amazing figures for one photo-sharing social platform. Nevertheless, the numbers are about to increase since the statistics also say that 76% of users have bought the product they saw on Instagram.

How does Tinder work?

How does Tinder work?

Mobile application Tinder exploded in 2012. It made dating look easy. Indeed, it promises so much. There are about 50 million users all around the world and 1.5 million actual dates every week from Tinder. There is nothing complicated. You see the pictures. You swipe left if you don’t like the person on the picture. And you swipe right if you want to get to know this person better.

What Is Expository Writing?

Pen and paper

It is likely that you have already written an expository piece without even knowing it. Expository writing is the language of learning and understanding the world around us. Have you ever read a “how-to” article, an encyclopedia entry, or a chapter in your textbook? If so, our congrats! You have encountered examples of expository writing. Unfortunately, it won’t help you to deal with the expository essay in a couple of minutes.

Here’s How to lose weight in college

Healthy food choice

You open up lots of opportunities as soon as you begin with college life. Even though, eating healthy in college sounds like something nearly mythical, especially for those students living in a dorm. What you get there is fun and, sometimes, study sessions with friends. What does that mean?

Where to Find Inspiration for Writing


There are a lot of articles on how to plot, edit or refine your story after you have written it. But how do you come up with ideas in the first place? How do you get inspired to write? Finding inspiration is one of the most crucial parts of the writing process, so the team of Writercheap experts has collected the best tips on how to brainstorm awesome ideas for writing.

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