Need an essay on Medea and political activist. Whom to choose?

on 01/05/2014

Nowadays there are a lot of debates happening on the matter of who has the greatest influence on our society. Some people think those are politicians, who decide the future of whole nations. Others find themselves under the influence of different types of media and get influenced by the people who appear on TV and in the newspapers at most. Some people tend to think, that people who have a real impact on the society cannot be seen in public.

We can definitely agree with each and every point of view, but there is no doubt, that people who appear in people’s lives every day, whose works can be easily seen or read influence the society willingly or unwillingly. This includes journalists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and so on. Essays by Alice Walker can also be seen as a part of such influence. Alice Walker is a famous American author and activist. Her publications include poetry, novels, short stories, she is also known as a feminist and a fighter for right of women and black people and their lives in sexist and racist society. Her most popular work is The Color Purple, published in 1982. It is about a young black woman and her life struggles. The book has become a bestseller in almost no time.

Essays by Alice Walker had a great influence on the society of the end of the twentieth century and keep influencing the youth till now. Recently she has donated all her works, including research papers, archives and essay on Medea to Emory University, giving the students of it the possibility to study her works and continue her job.

Of course, nowadays there is a massive choice of the people to write an influence essay about. Choose wisely depending on your topic and personal preferences to be able to deliver the best quality work.

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