Privacy Policy

Our company takes it as our goal to provide clients with high-quality academic assistance and reliable service in a timely manner. We understand the need for a proper balance between openness and confidentiality in the management of information. For that to be possible, we meet the highest international standards of data protection and ensure the customer-centered and safe service.

We emphasize that all of our clients have a possibility to ask for information about the details of the collected data, including the person who compiles information, the reasons of collecting, the retention period of the information, and the details of personal data itself.

If our client is not willing to provide us with the personal information and wishes to delete it from the database, all it takes is to write an email to the Support Department of our company with the description of the preference. All of the personal information of the customer will be excluded from our database after scrutinizing the case by our Quality Manager. If there are some problems with your personal data removing, the representative of the Support Team will get in touch with you shortly to address the issue.

The Reasons for Sharing Information

To contact our clients directly, to design their personal page, and to improve their experience of utilizing the website, we request customers’ personal data from the outset.

There is no extra cost for registration because we are focused on the personalization of our service. The personal page is aimed to store the information of each of your order and to provide high-quality service. Moreover, it is used for being in touch with our customers 24/7 and have a chance to solve all their problems immediately.

What Kind of Information Do We Gather?

Here is the listing of the data we use for the purpose of providing excellent and safe service for all our clients:

  • Your IP-address
  • The country you live in
  • Time-zone
  • Your phone number and alternate phone number
  • Your email to send the additional information
  • Your first and last name

We would like to remind you that all the information will be stored in the database of our company if you do not ask to delete it via email. 

In What Way Do We Compile It?

To make our privacy policy clear, our clients need to fill the order form, which is placed on the website, and in such way our company obtains the personal data of the clients together with the instructions for client’s orders. Please keep in mind that our company collects only the previously listed information and personal data, which was used to fill the order form. We also would like to mention that spam mailing is not acceptable in our company.

Where We Keep the Personal Information

All the personal information of our clients is transmitted from our website to the servers of our company in the US. Based on the European Commission’s decision, we can state that the United States of America is a country with one of the safest online protections in the world. Being supported by the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, our company can guarantee the security of transferred information to the servers of the United States of America.

Are There Third Parties Involved?

As stated in our privacy policy, we do not share personal information of the clients with third parties. An exception may be granted only if the client violated the privacy policy of our company.

Do We Have Age Limit for Users?

Please remember that our website and related survives are accessible only to the clients who are no less than 16 years old. Users under that age may utilize our website and related services only with the consent of parents or responsible person.

Are There Cookie Regulations?

Our company can gather the personal data of the general Internet use of our clients through using cookies. You can find out more about Cookie Regulations of ours below.

What Cookie Is?

A cookie is a small file made from letters and numbers, which is downloaded onto the device when a visitor accesses a website. Cookies can store a visitor’s personal data and use it for monitoring its behavior and preferences.

Notice that cookies do not use, compile, or store any kind of visitors’ personal or identifiable information.

What Type of Cookies Does Our Company Utilize?

There are two types of authorization cookies we use on the website:

  • .ASPXAUTH is used for determination of client’s authentication.
  • ASP.NET_SessionId is used for identification of session of the client on the server.

To analyze, undertake the research, trace the statistics of the content, as well as to collect reports based on the information about the activity of our clients on the website, our company utilizes third-party cookies from Google Analytics.

In return, the above-mentioned service utilizes cookies to help a site in the tracking activity of the visitors. This data is stored by Google on the servers in the US. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for that kind of information and its security.

Why We Utilize Cookies-Files

The key factors of using the cookies are to provide all our clients with high-quality specialized services, to assist them with navigation on the website, and to have a possibility to interact with our company in a short time. Cookies also allow sites to figure out how many unique visitors the company gets. Kindly notice that by utilizing this website, the visitor agrees with using cookies by our company. If the customer does not wish to agree, we would like to ask not to use our site and the related services.

How Are the Сookies Being Used?

When a person visits a cookie-enabled site for the first time, the website will put a cookie on a visitor’s device that contains a unique ID. Our site uses this ID to keep track of the session so that the website knows what you have looked at and so it can suggest the content you are interested in. Also, the identifier in the cookie can allow a server to keep track of the logins, so the visitor does not have to keep entering the password every time a person visits the site.

What If the Customer Is Not Willing to Use Cookies?

The customer has an ability to run the cookies setting in the Internet browser. All you need to do is to check the settings of the browser to deactivate the cookies option on the used website.

Kindly notice that our company does not recommend to block cookies on the website you use. By deactivating cookies on the certain website, the visitor puts at risk the safe and convenient usage of the provided services and the relationship between the customer and our company.

Do We Send Advertising Mails to Our Clients?

If the client agrees with our regulations, we send to the customer the advertising emails. But the client has the right to delete their mail from the database of our company. If you are willing to do it, we ask you to write an email to the Support Department.

The Special Provision for Customers from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

As of July 2018, and until the United Kingdom is a part of the European Union, our company would like to ask our customers from this country to pay attention that we exercise protection of their identifiable information based on the Data Protection Act (DPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Supplementary Note

For us to ensure that every visitor of that site accepts the policy of the company, please fill in the related checkbox. Also, we would like to ask the customers who do not accept our privacy rules not to utilize the website.

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