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Do not be shy or afraid. Our customer support agents are very friendly, knowledgeable, and determined. They are always ready to give you the right advice and help you make all the right choices. And the best part is that they can do it 24/7!

It does not matter if you have already placed an order or just want to make an inquiry. You are very welcome to call, chat, or e-mail our agents whenever you’ve got a question. Our Customer Support team can help you place a new order as well as make changes in the order that is already in progress. They are great at helping you figure out what you need.

Got some technical problems while placing an order? Your professor suddenly changed the instructions? Chose the wrong type of service? Contact us ASAP. The faster you report the problem, the faster it’ll get fixed. Let our superhero agents handle it for you!


It is extremely easy to place an order with us. Just click “Order now,” and the online form will open. Once there, you: 1) provide order details, 2) give contact info, 3) proceed with the payment. Please take your time to fill in the form thoroughly and attentively. Your account is created automatically once you place the order.

We offer a variety of services ranging from writing from scratch to professional business writing. You can also have your paper rewritten, edited, or proofread.

You can customize your order based on:

  • the type of paper (essay, dissertation, presentation, etc.)
  • your academic level (high school, university, etc.)
  • discipline (humanities, social sciences, etc.)
  • topic
  • citation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Oscola)
  • number of sources, pages or power point slides
  • type of English (US, UK, AU).

You can also provide us with the extensive paper instructions. Let’s say your university requires a citation style not listed in the order form. We can still write your paper using that style if you give us the instructions.

Our shortest deadline is 4 hours, while our longest deadline is 14 days. The price varies accordingly.

Once you place the order, we assign a writer. The writer is selected carefully based on the indicated academic level, discipline, and category. You can contact your writer as well as our Customer Support Team any time. You will always receive your order by the deadline.

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