Paper on What Overbooking Is: Compensation and Protection


In the previous post, written by the professional essay writers, we have explained the possible reasons for overbooking and ways to handle it. Obviously, you have to seek compensation if such an issue happens to you. Taking into consideration the new time of your flight, ask the airline staff to arrange a hotel room and shuttle service. And do not forget the money spent on communication with relatives (you have to warn them that you will be late) and food that you have eaten. Also, passengers are often offered tickets for another flight with an increase in the level of service without additional surcharges.

Paper on What Overbooking Is: Ways to Avoid It


Nowadays, the plane has become one of the most popular types of transport due to its power of quickly covering long distances. Approximately 72% percent of all population uses flight services once in a year. Vacations, business trips, traveling − these are the key reasons why people use planes to go long distances. By the way, even those who are afraid of flights can't avoid using them as it is the only quick way to travel from one country to another.

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