Complete List of the Best Apps for College Students

Best apps for college


So much to do and so little time - it is a common order of things for every student! Just think about it: you have to attend classes, do homework, work part-time, write your thesis, and occasionally even have a private life! How can any human possibly juggle so many responsibilities at once? Thankfully, there are a few things that usually save students in such occasions - it’s youth, attitude, and of course, the top-rated college apps!

How to write a blog

Writing a blog


What is a blog? It is an online journal or diary, the main content of which is systematically added posts. Posts contain text, photographs, graphic elements or multimedia. Blog posts are usually short and grouped in a reverse chronological order.

How to Write a Song

Write a Song

In fact, getting started is considered the most complicated step of the songwriting process. Even the most popular singers such as Tailor Swift and Rihanna commented in numerous interviews that to get a song ready for presenting to their fans requires titanic efforts, sleepless nights combined with tears of sadness, frustration and even despair.

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writer

It has always been your dream to become a freelance writer. Well, you started dreaming about that since the time you have realized that writing is your passion and the only thing worth becoming your hobby or even the career in life. So, from time to time you write something but feel not sure about the decentness of your writing. All your writings that could potentially be awarded some noble literature prize are kept in an extremely secret place (a box with various staff under your bed).

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