How to study if you have zero motivation

Study motivation


The only look at those textbooks and notebooks might induce a special type of student fatigue. The one that is usually called “no motivation to study”. Indeed, when you finally get some free time after classes, you have a look at your schedule, and you know that for real, there is not going to be any free time whatsoever. Because you need to study again.

How to Present a Research Paper

Presentation of a research paper


The first thing that pops up in the students’ mind whenever they hear “present a research paper” is a sense of fear or panic. It takes time and gets you all twitchy. There are tons of facts you have to collect, dozens of graphs to use, a pile of books to read, and a vast amount of information to squeeze into a few slides. Plus, there is always a deadline.

How to Make Friends in University

Two students on the campus


Are you worried about making friends when you first go to university? Are you concerned about being lonely? Are you worried that you won’t fit in? If you are, this is the article for you. Today we are going to talk about university. Namely, making friends, being popular, and reinventing yourself.

Practical guidance on how to do homework when you are a procrastinator

How to do homework


John is a second-year biology student. He tries to manage studies and work at the same time. He likes attending classes, but he freaks out every time he gets an assignment. John knows that he can do his homework, but there are so many obstacles on his way. He continues to say to himself that he will do his homework tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes.

How to Write a Term Paper Proposal

Term paper


 A term paper proposal is a serious assignment which students wish to write correctly from the first try. But is it possible? Professional writers say, "Yes…" …if you keep up with some recommendations.

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