Examples of Narrative Essays

Narrative essay - Battle with Bad Days

Everyone has at least one weird, awkward, hilarious story to tell, so everyone can be a writer. The difference between a regular person and the author of the best seller is in the mastery. The author hones the skills every day and gets the result. You can relax, to be one of the narrative essay writers you do not need to hone your writing skills every day. Moreover, you won’t struggle to come up with an idea about narrative essay topics, we have already had ones. Believe us, a narrative essay is the easiest thing to write.

The Best States for Education in US

Massachusetts is the state with the best education rating

Whether you like or not, life is full of measuring sticks. How old we are, how smart we are, how good our grades are. So, to be the best you have to be able to compete. The same thing is with education in the U.S. Do not worry, we are not going to fill our head with a lot of statistics, but the data is the greatest weapon in a struggle for a better life. We can’t predict your future, but we can tell you what the best U.S. states for education are and which one to choose to study in college.

Step by Step Tips How to Write a Movie Review

Students watch a movie to write a review

One may need to write a movie review for different purposes: either as an assignment at their educational institution (some films may be the required sources for some courses) or as a blog post. Anyway, it is necessary to know some basic rules we will tell, as well as it will be helpful to get armed with a few lifehacks to ease the task.

What Is Narrative Essay?

The student writes a narrative essay

Essay writing is the most frequent assignment given in educational institutions at any level starting from high school up to university and even master’s from time to time. To learn to write essays, one needs to clearly determine four main types of them that exist.

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