8 Reasons to Practice Creative Writing

on 18/08/2019

Usual human competencies like creativity become incredibly important in the age of robots and artificial intelligence development. On the Internet, there are many articles, video guides, and discussions about how to develop it. Creative writing is an obvious method. Still, many people find it complicated and scary. Let professional writers tell you why this belief is wrong. See what advantages this skill has. And get 8 reasons to use a pen (a keyboard) for creative writing even if you don't plan to become a writer.


Creative writing


What is That?

Creative writing is the art of writing texts like poems, novels, plays, memoirs, or biographies.

That sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Do you think novel and poem writing is not for you?

Wait a minute. Why shouldn't you think about what it means to be creative instead of trying to define creative writing? By using creative approaches, people do a lot more than just providing others with pieces of information. They use their imagination to express emotions, create original things, or use existing ideas uncommonly.

Now creative writing covers much more than just novels and poems, don't you think? Here are 8 reasons why you should try practicing creative writing.

1. It Suits Everyone

Creative writing is incredibly diverse in genres, scales, and difficulty levels. If you want to write something highly structured, try screenplays. In case you prefer the freedom of thoughts, freewriting or diary writing is your choice.

You can keep your art secret or share it with the whole world. It doesn't matter if you have several minutes or the entire day to devote to writing. Every person can be creative. You just need to find something correlating with your time, interests, and ambitions. Creative writing is open for anyone able to write.

Here are things standing beyond the frames of novels and poetry you can try:

  • diaries;
  • blogs;
  • non-fiction;
  • speechwriting;
  • anecdotes;
  • character sketches;
  • song lyrics;
  • parodies;
  • jokes;
  • thoughts
  • essays.

All you need to do is to try.

2. Creative Texts Help to Develop Other Styles

Creative writing expands frames of functional text writing. It helps in creating work reports, academic essays, resumes, informational articles, commercial propositions, and even business texts.

Try going in for a freewriting session about your previous experience when you need to write a cover letter for a particular job position. Why are you the best choice for that vacancy? Set 10 to 15 minutes on a timer and write everything appearing in your mind.

Don't try structuring thoughts to make a cover letter at once. And don't worry about formal language elements. Just spill a flow of your thoughts on a paper. It is an excellent brainstorming method, not requiring much effort. Moreover, such a creative writing session can bring satisfaction.

You can even experiment and write a dialogue. Imagine yourself in an interview room speaking with the HR-manager. After you finish, reread the text you have composed. Underline parts which you could use to write the finalized resume version.

The same freewriting method is excellent to create other working texts. You'll be wondered with the ability of creative writing to make dry official sentences more exciting and livelier.

3. It is about Sharing Experience

Not every writer started with a plan to become a writer. Many famous authors switched to creative writing after they found out it to be the best way to tell their stories. Others perceived it as a way to promote their business or share their ideas or/and knowledge.

People shared their experience and thoughts, and then their creative writing turned into something bigger. Try to think about your life story, your interests, and your knowledge. Is there something you can and would like to share?

4. It Records Memories and Experience

Creative writing is all about how you understand and see the world. It is the way to photograph events through words and preserve emotions for the future. The longer you keep them, the more pleasant it is to come back to them.

Writing a diary or a blog doesn't mean you have to write a detailed daily report. For instance, try describing the new experience, new contacts, and meetings or any other events critical for your life. Creative writing is also an excellent way to think over something more calmly and consequently.

Additionally, it allows writing down memories about events that changed your life. Those are a wedding, getting children, moving to another city or country, etc.

5. It Relaxes

One of the excellent creative writing advantages is the fact that it helps people neutralize stress which everyday routine causes. Some people even find it more (or at least equally) useful compared to meditation.

Creative writing is a proper way to stay in the ongoing moment. Creating a story is a chance to escape to another world. After a creative writing session, you'll probably feel much calmer and happier.

If you don't like fictional writing, try reaching the same effect while spending time in a public place. Describe things happening around. Concentrate on small details like places of interest, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures.

6. Creative Text is an Excellent Personal Growth Instrument

A diary is one of the oldest and most widespread creative writing kinds. It gives enough freedom and isolation to investigate darkest fears, biggest wishes, and deepest shames. Psychologists and psychotherapists use diaries in their work frequently. They help patients go through traumas and deal with tough life moments.

Creative writing can be a valuable instrument for personal growth in other fields of one's life, too. For instance, it is a good way to find out your strengths and weaknesses. Write about your pluses and minuses after every important event. It can be a presentation, an interview, or an exam. What did you do well? What should you improve?

Write down certain conclusions and steps you are going to make further. Reflection in writing makes your brain order things correctly. That's what you can't always reach through regular thinking activities.

7. Creative Writing Improves Language Skills

As creative writing is much different from other kinds of texts, it increases your language understanding and makes you use it in a new way. It works for learning foreign languages, too.

Creating stories, real or fake ones, is an excellent way to practice a new language. You use vocabulary actively, expand it, and train to compose sentences. While writing essays or business letters, you won't get the same effect. Those kinds of texts require you to keep certain structures, standard templates, and clichés.

In its turn, creative writing offers you to express your real thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You are free to express yourself and to make mistakes. Such circumstances help you overcome barriers and direct your brain towards new functioning templates and models.

Learning will be faster and more effective if you'd get feedback. Find a person to read your texts and criticize them constructively.

8. Creative Writing is a Great Intelligence Training

Some people solve crosswords or Sudoku. Others play chess, solve math problems and logical tasks.

Creative writing is also a complicated mind activity requiring you to use both analytical and creative thinking. Processing a story, characters, finding and eliminating logical inconveniences and errors are excellent training exercises for your brain. Additionally, they all are free.

It's not obligatory to write stories only. Maybe, you'll like poetry, creative non-fiction or standup speeches more. The point is to get satisfaction.


Creative writing text



Creative writing suits everyone. You can choose any genre and difficulty level. If you work with texts regularly, it will help you find and use new text elements. In case you learn languages, it is a great opportunity to practice and improve your skills.

The creative text helps you share experience and impressions. Sometimes, it becomes a starting ground to jump into the world of literature. It is the way not only to store memories and emotions but to rethink them, to work on your self-development and keep your mind conscious. At last, it is a great training exercise to keep your brain in tonus.

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