Top 7 Networking Principles for a Breathtaking Career

on 25/08/2019

What is networking? This popular term means “making contacts.” In other words, when people pronounce the word “networking,” they mean building a social and professional partnership.

You should not underestimate networking because it is really powerful! The social partnership contributes to resolving household problems. For instance, it becomes easier to find specialists in the service sector (hairdresser, dentist, automobile repair specialists, etc.). When you get acquainted with many people, you may get various opportunities to find your soulmate, enter a prestigious university, travel abroad and so on.

Owing to a professional partnership with others, it gets easier for a specialist to build a career. Business networks help top managers to find business partners, seek investors, create a successful brand, and earn a great reputation among potential employees.

Networking and success are interrelated notions. Many people consider networking as a way to become successful. Well, to gain success, they have to fulfill several other requirements, but it is networking that will help to overcome numerous barriers and finally attain the desired. In this case, networking is one of the instruments that allow becoming respectful and famous. The reasons why it happens that way are as follows:

  • Social surrounding influences in what way a person perceives the world;
  • The surrounding has effects on our deeds;
  • When a person knows that they will get support externally, it gets simpler to make significant decisions;
  • Networking encourages other people to trust you as being a business partner.

So, you see that networking is a determining factor in becoming a part of society. For the majority, to become valuable for other people means to build a breathtaking career. This becomes possible with the top seven networking principles that are so precious for a careerist to possess. Let’s discover them further in this article.

Help Other People First


Effective networking


It may seem a bit disadvantageous in the cruel world of business. However, practice the attitude to be in a constant search of opportunities to help other people without expecting anything in exchange. Such an approach will benefit you then. Make a habit of thinking, “How may I help you?” instead of “How will our partnership benefit me?” If a person does you some favor or gives support, you should momentarily think of a few other people who you may “hand over” that favor. Don’t think of how to return the help directly.

Networking is not a one-way street. New people may bring profit to you while support from your side may be useful for them as well. When an interlocutor mentions some of their needs (product, service, or a client) during a conversation, you should think what may be suggested to help. If it happens you have a great option or an appropriate contact, deliver that to the interlocutor. Nothing strengthens the connection as well as the readiness to support and the ability to come in handy when needed.

When it is your turn to ask for help, you will easily call for help any person you assisted in the past.

Show Gratitude and Admiration

A sincere compliment is the best way to start a dialogue, break the tension, and get conversations flowing. Practice that during meetings. You know, any person always has something to be praised for. It may be an unusual commentary, wonderful achievements, or even a fashionable dress. It is a fact that compliments serve as the source of positive emotions and energy for everyone. If a person gets a portion of incredible emotions from you, they will bind your name with those emotions in the future.

Create Grounds

Networking at events


You should always be ready to work hard on the relationships. Note that business relationships require much time to develop into strong cooperation. Do your best to get to know a person not only from a professional perspective but from a personal side as well.

In case you can afford grounds for further meetings, do that! For instance, if you work on television or at PR-agency, organize exhibitions or conferences, it is time to leverage it for your career success.

A good option is to agree with the university where you studied, or specialized media upon providing a platform for a conference, expert discussion, or a meeting of specialists. Take the lead and invite experts. This will be a great chance for self-introduction.

By the way, while introducing to other people, you should always stay positive. Surround yourself with “sunny” people. However, remember to express positivity when you communicate during networking events. Nobody is eager to come to an event and interact with a person who is communicating in a negative manner about someone or something. For more, if a person starts complaining about various topics.

Make One’s Presence Felt

Nowadays, due to the increased digital information noise around (thanks to social platforms), people started to remember things that matter poorly. So, after getting acquainted with a person, it is better to make a reminder about yourself a couple of times. For example, leave commentary on Facebook, where the last meeting is mentioned. A “thank you” e-mail with “Many thanks for an ideal evening as it was a real pleasure to meet you” will also be a nice gesture.

Note that a reminder should not look pushy. For example, if you want to sell something to a specific person, do not press on him after the only time you have met. Initially, you have to establish close contact and relationship of trust. Then you may start moving forward to your goal.

Quality First

This rule is one of the most important in networking practice. You should always search for quality first rather than quantity. The amount of people you get to know or the number of business cards you get during the networking event or a meeting does not matter! It is the “quality” of business partners that makes sense. Who may give you valuable advice? Who is the decision-maker in this company? Who influences business here? Answer those questions, and you will understand who is worth networking.

Always Apply Personal Approach

Well, we live in the digital era, and ignoring Twitter, Facebook, and other social tools is not correct. However, we are all receiving too many e-mails on a daily basis. This annoys! That is why, in some situations, a quick phone call may be more effective and pleasant than numerous e-mails. So, take your iPhone and win the reputation of a person who simplifies things.

The best result will be meeting face-to-face. E-mail option is perfect when sending documents and other files but don’t overuse that. Recollect an abandoned technique to send a letter or a personal card via post.

80/20 Principle

Finally, the last networking principle sounds like the 80/20 rule. According to this formula, in order to win the reputation of an excellent business partner (and communicator), you should listen to a person eighty percent of the time and talk — only twenty percent. Ask appropriate questions to a person about their interests and their business. This is a marvelous opportunity to learn that person and get the necessary info. However, your interest should be sincere for this principle to work in the right way.

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