2 Student Tips on Self-Control

on 24/02/2018

The article written by writercheap.com pro writers will help students understand how to refuse instant pleasures and to gain a power of will made of steel.

Tip #1: Take Anything that Can Tempt You AWAY

If you quit smoking, don’t keep cigarettes at home. If you suffer on shopaholic disease, turn your monthly salary into cash as soon as you receive it, and keep it in places where it is more difficult for you to get it. And don’t have big sums with you.

Student Resisting Temptation

It is important to make tempting things maximally difficult to get, so the automatic reaction of your limbic system couldn’t deny your efforts on controlling your passions.

Even if that system goes far enough to make you put on clothes and go to the shop for cigarettes (that thing is rare to happen) you’ll still have a chance to avoid catastrophe on your way to the store.

Tip #2: If You Can’t Avoid Temptations, Concentrate on Their Most Abstract Qualities

When Walther Michel (a psychologist and a leading self-control expert) told kids tortured by him with marshmallow cakes to think about the most tempting qualities of those sweets, they weren’t able to make it through several minutes.

Kids who received a recommendation to think about cakes as about soft white clouds could hold on much longer that both those “broken” by the idea of thinking about a taste and a smell of a cake and those who hadn’t received any instructions.

The point of a marshmallow test: a little child was placed into a separate room with a chair and offered them to eat it with one condition. They could eat a cake at once or to wait during 15 minutes and receive two of them. In some cases, children started eating a cake without even listening to conditions. But there were those who passed through the required period of time and received the reward.

All the advertisements are targeted onto the “hot” system of automatic reactions: remember how tempting hot caramel in TV ads, those nuts and chocolate are… How pleased are those people who taste a yogurt there: when seeing that satisfaction on their faces, you instantly want to run to the store and buy a product to feel like that, too.

When getting away from everything that is attractive in the thing you wish the most on purpose, you keep your “hot system” (the limbic one) off, and the “cold one” (prefrontal cortex) already knows that it is not good to follow a temptation.

Think about the attractive group mate as about a partner for studying and exam preparations. When you come to visit your aunt, choose sweets basing on how beautiful the pack is, not on your own tastes. 

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