Where to Find Inspiration for Writing

on 14/04/2019

There are a lot of articles on how to plot, edit or refine your story after you have written it. But how do you come up with ideas in the first place? How do you get inspired to write? Finding inspiration is one of the most crucial parts of the writing process, so the team of Writercheap experts has collected the best tips on how to brainstorm awesome ideas for writing.

One of the Most Important Things You Should Know About Inspiration for Writing


First of all, you need to understand that inspiration is not something you wait for. It is something you seek. A big misconception that a lot of writing lovers fall for is that you have to wait until you are inspired to write. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While inspiration does help and can make the whole process of writing a lot more fun, you should learn how to write consistently even if you do not wake up full of new ideas.

Accept that there is no ultimate source of inspiration which will carry you through all the difficulties of the writing process and get you to the final point entitled “success”. Believe it or not, professional ballet dancers love to perform, but they do not necessarily find inspiration in everyday training and broken toes. We would wager the businessmen like to receive significant funds, but they are not fond of getting their business off the ground. The same thing with writing – you can love expressing all the emotions with words, but you do not have to enjoy each and every moment of writing.

So, whether you want to turn to pro or just need inspiration to complete your college essay, you have to learn to inspire yourself every single day. There is also a more natural way to finish your paper, and that is to buy essay online, the choice is yours.

In order to keep your inspiration fresh, we suggest you try these efficient methods. Let us start with the simple ones.

Reading/Listening to Music/Journaling Will Help You to Feel the Flow of Inspiration

Yes, it sounds so typical, but there is a golden rule for any writer – the more you read, the more you generate (ideas, sentences, paragraphs, etc.). In such a simple way you consume stories, and it becomes an essential part of how you write ones. Here are 10 great books for you to generate unique ideas. Reading is probably the best way to spark new ideas, but it is not the only one!

Our absolute favorite way to boost inspiration is listening to music. This not only get you inspired, but it also gets you in the writing mindset. There are many different ways to use music for inspiration. You can create mood playlist to keep you excited when you are writing about your adventures or focused when you need to describe something in all the details. Some people prefer to listen to instrumental music so they do not get distracted. To find some inspiration listen to podcast or audiobooks while you are out taking a walk. So, you kill two birds with one stone – getting exercise and feeding your mind. Try all the ways and find out what works perfectly for you.

Where to find inspiration for writing? Your journal. It is not only a great way to relieve all the stress, but also your own book which can get you inspired. You can’t trust your mind to remember tiny little details exactly as you meant them when you first thought about them. So, try to write down every little thought as soon as you can. Not everything will turn out into something bigger but you may find rereading old notes is an excellent form of inspiration in itself.

Find Inspiration for Writing in Things You Are Passionate About

Process of Inspiration

Like music, reading, and journalist, other forms of creativity are really great for inspiration. List all of the things you love to do, things that make you lighten up, things that make you feel free. Then try to do a couple of them. Whether it is playing the drums, doing yoga, stretching, dancing, cooking, make sure you get in touch with the inner child in you. But do not confuse things you are passionate about with things you usually do during leisure time. Watching Netflix or playing Xbox is not going to raise new ideas for your writing.

Go out in nature and spend some quiet time alone. Maybe you have just been on this hamster wheel and need to get the mind off the crazy circle of events. Find inspiration for writing in learning something new – language dance style or IT codes. Yes, you will feel scared but excited at the same time, and it is in those moments you grow the most. These are things which keep your creativity flowing.

If You Want to Find Inspiration in Writing, Just Look Around

If we put our phones down for one minute and look around, we will actually see that there are dozens of stories happening. All we have to do is spot them. We can turn even the most mundane incidents in life into the starting point for terrific writing. Even the front doors can be the inspiration or starting point for you to tell the story. When you walk home tonight, we want you to look at every front door on the street in which you live. We can guarantee you behind every single front door there is at least one story waiting for you to retell – stories of love, happiness, stories of families coming together or falling apart.

The next time you neighbor leaves their house, we want you to watch him or her. Do not do it from a bedroom window with binoculars, but oversee them carefully. Are they leaving for work one morning in the middle of August wearing a fur coat that goes all the way down to the floor? What is the reason? Did they leave for work with a suitcase behind them? What might have been in the case? Was it the money, drugs, gold, animals or body parts? Try to come up with three solid answers, give an explanation to everything that happens around you.

Believe us, if you really have the itch to writing, it will never go away. So, now you have only two options — get inspired and get to work, or let your anxiety grow. As always, the choice is yours.

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