Best Pens for Writing

on 31/05/2019

When you need to make an elite present to a person who seems to have everything or the original present to a student, you will come to the best pens for writing sooner or later. writers know a lot about the best pens for writing and are glad to share their experience with everyone.


Best writing pens


Best pens for writing stopped being just practical accessories a long time ago. Thanks to talented people and rich companies, such items became real art masterpieces that cost thousands of dollars and are totally worth their price.

Among the companies producing best pens for writing, there is the worldwide favorite Parker, the Italian teams of Visconti and Marlen, the company from Switzerland with Ukrainian origins named Davidoff, and revolutionary firms as Waterman and Edelberg. What are the features of each company producing the best writing accessories? Read this article to find out which ones deserve your attention most of all when choosing an original present for a student or businessman.

Best Pens for Writing: Parker – the Laconic Excellence

Parker is one of the most famous companies producing best writing accessories. Its history began in 1888. The secret of success was the mastery and the personal will to become better. The first of the best pens for writing was invented only because of the intention of Mister Parker to create a sure thing which won’t leak or dry. The first joint-less pen and the one that contains two times more ink than usual pen belong to Parker brand, too.

Another feature of this company is a huge assortment of the best pens for writing. You can choose among many fountain or ballpoint solutions. And all the items by Parker are durable and maximally laconic. That is why they perfectly suit the responsible student or the person of business.

Visconti: Best Pens for Writing from Italy

The main feature of this brand is their respect for traditions. Founders of the company, Dante Del Vecchio and Luigi Poli, were collectors who decided to create their own brand manufacturing best pens for writing with the use of celluloid, the material which is forgotten nowadays. The idea rocked, and brought the worldwide glory to their company.

Celluloid is the eco-friendly material which lets you to play with color fantasies beautifully and can guarantee the durability of the product at the same time. Additionally, the assortment of Visconti best accessories for writing includes items made of ivory, Bakelite, ebony, gold and silver. The Forbidden City collection which had been developed within more than 7 years is worth to be mentioned separately. There are precious metals, exclusive inscriptions and mythic creatures. 

The Wall Street series of the best pens for writing is exciting, too: it can impress users with pen bodies stylized as Manhattan skyscrapers.

Davidoff: Ukrainian Practicality and Swiss Talent

The company doesn’t need any advertising. The name of Zino Davidoff is known to everyone. This man once created the world’s best cigars. Later the assortment of the brand expanded, and cognacs, perfumes, bags and of course best pens for writing appeared there. Davidoff releases everything that can become an excellent present for anyone. 

Marlen: a Wide Assortment of Best Pens for Writing

The Italian brand of Marlen, created by Mario and Antonio Esposito allows choosing the best pens for writing made of almost any material with different ink supplement systems. There are golden and silver nibs, titanium bodies, ebony or black tree pens, etc. One of the most famous and noticeable collections is Aliante, which is devoted to air forces. Best pens for writing belonging to this product line is the combination of symbolism, precious materials and handmade preciseness.

Waterman: Innovations in Luxury

The Waterman Company became famous thanks to its unique invention. Best Waterman pens for writing function on the capillary technology which lets you to use ink gradually and to deny leakage or dry ink issues. Additionally, these elite accessories are exquisite.

Edelberg: Strict Inscription on Best Pens for Writing

It is the Swiss brand attracting attention with details. Special features of their best pens for writing are unique shapes and curves. Accessories by Edelberg are perfect for holding them. Their main feature is in wonderful inscriptions filled with colored varnishes, and their strict design.

Such best pens for writing won’t remain unnoted for sure. It is pleasant to write letters by hand or sign important educational or business papers with these accessories.

How to Choose Best Pens for Writing

Main advantages of elite pens, rollers and pencils are their exclusive durability, design and prestige. It means they will never let down the owner. Best pens for writing will provide you with clear and precise writing manner without any malfunction: this reliability can be especially important to students writing important essays or business persons signing serious contracts. These accessories can transform the exterior of your room and your image. 

Best pens for writing can be of different types.

Ballpoint Pens

Best ballpoint pens for writing function with the ball made of wolfram carbide which provides clear and precise writing on any suitable surface. The paste is of high density, and it guarantees the extended lifespan of a single pen cartridge.

The advantage of ballpoint pens is in their regularity, longer life cycle and lower price. But they require you to push on them when writing and make your hand tired quicker.

Fountain Pens

Modern elite fountain pens don’t have disadvantages of their ancestors: they will never put the ink blot or leak inside the pocket. Comfortable, clean and reliable writing in any conditions is guaranteed.

Nibs can be of different widths, providing you with various line thicknesses. One can buy a set of nibs and change them depending on the situation. Nib heads are made of gold or durable iridium. High-quality heads guarantee soft, smooth and clean writing. If one washes the nib section of the best pen twice a year, then its lifetime is almost unlimited.

Inks of fountain pens can be carried in converters where one can add some inks, or in cartridges replaced as they run out of inks. It is more comfortable to use pens with cartridges, though such solutions are slightly more expensive.

Unlike ballpoint pens, fountain pens are easier to use: you don’t have to push on them. But they have a higher price and run out of ink quicker instead.

Roller Ball Pens

Roller pens are next in the evolution of ballpoint accessories. They have the same ballpoint mechanism and dense inks on water basis, which are quite similar to those of fountain pens but more practical. A complex ink supplement system allows writing with minimum pushing efforts. Modern roller ink doesn’t lose color or get washed out.  

Although rollers write softer than ballpoint pens, they run out of ink faster, too. In terms of price, they stand intermediately between the fountain and ballpoint solutions.


The modern mechanical pencil is very comfortable to use. It is equipped with a reliable lead supplement system and doesn't require sharpening. Thin high-quality leads let the user draw balanced and clean lines. Each pencil is equipped with an additional set of leads and a rubber.


Writing pens


Choosing Best Pens for Writing

Choose the accessory which is the most pleasant for you, your style, favorite suit color or interior design. The more elegant and prestigious your pen is, the better it becomes for your image. The best pen is the one comfortable, light and letting you write perfectly.

Thin and elegant solutions are suitable for women. Simple and practical ones are good for students. Young people might prefer those with bright and avant-garde design while older men or women would instead choose classical solutions. What you choose here is your call.

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