If You Want to Be a Writer, Ask Charles Bukowski How

on 22/07/2018

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If you want this article to make a lot of sense, you need to give me a few seconds to calm down. Being a huge fan of this unbelievably talented author, it`s just hard to stay unbiased and straightforward when you`re writing about him.

Just imagine that a teenage girl has to write an essay about Justin Bieber. At some point, this Canadian hunk is perceived as a true genius by his fans. Have you seen that “Baby, baby, baby” fandom screaming and shouting at the concerts?

Well, our essay writers kind of feel the same intimidation when we`re gathering some best pieces of information for you, especially when it comes to the tips from Charles Bukowski.

I`m fangirling right now, so don`t mind me.

Okay, let`s start with the basics. Who on earth is that Charles?

Are you kidding me? Seriously? How do I even start answering this question?

He`s an ingenious author who combined American and German literary heritage and was largely influenced by the life of ordinary Americans in Los Angeles. You may not believe that ordinary people live in LA, but it`s not just about shiny Hollywood.

Bukowski wrote about his relationships with women, alcohol, poor people, and the art of writing itself. He wrote poems, novels, short stories, and became widely popular in the late 20th century. His works attracted even more attention after his death, which is not a rare case in the world of artists and writers.

Right now, we`re taking a look at Bukowski`s poem “So you want to be a writer?”, where he spills the truth on the topic of dedicating your life to writing.

If you just want to read the whole poem, you can find it on this website, or you can take a look at the way we bring down its meaning for you.

Don`t Do It

Struggles of a Writer

You may enjoy writing essays as a part of your university assignment. You may be thinking about writing a blog or, perhaps you have already started that uneasy life path of a writer.

You must be inspired by the success of J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, or Stephen King, and dream about the whole world`s admiration.

Does Charles Bukowski think that this reason is good enough to become a writer? Nope, not really.

He warns that if do it for money or fame, then you’d better not do it at all. This is what the poet has to say about this idea.

He doesn`t approve of an intention to write because you desire love and respect either.

If you need to force the words out of your head, if you spend hours and hours trying to write a couple of sentences, and if you suffer while doing it, Charles Bukowski says that it`s the worst idea ever.

When You`re Not Quite There Yet

There is a possibility that you have a potential to become a really good writer, but there is so much that you still have to work on. You need to be patient and learn to wait for your inspiration, otherwise you`ll end up with the worst display of your talent.

Also, an American-German poet and novelist points out that if you decide to publish your work, it has to be absolutely perfect. If you can only show it to your parents, significant other, or close friends, then you should never present your work to anybody.

It has to be absolutely perfect (of course, it`s your understanding of perfectness). When the time comes, when you decide to show your masterpiece to the world, you have to be ready for all kinds of perception and evaluation.

There Is the Only Way

Inspiration of a Writer

Writing is always a battle. It`s a battle with your laziness when you know that you have to write a couple of pages today. It`s a battle of your imagination and the real world.

You have to realize that your understanding of art and creativity may differ so much from that of other people`s.

Will anybody like your work? What if you end up being haunted by an unfinished novel till the end of your life? What if you never find time or courage to put your idea of a story on paper?

“If you have been chosen, it will do it by itself and it will keep on doing it until you die or it dies in you”. How about this super helpful tip from a world known Charles Bukowski?

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