A Guide for Students to Improve Their Communication Skills. Part 1

on 28/05/2018

Every human in the world needs their communication skills to gain development unless they live in a cave as hermits. Despite the fact that many people think they are absolutely independent, everybody has the need to interact with others for some reason. In this article our essay writers have collected several exercises, games, and methods that can help you improve your communication skills.


Student Communicating



How Is a Message Transmitted?


This is an important question for those who face problems in one of the following situations:

  • People understand you wrongly;
  • You understand words of other people incorrectly.

What to do in such cases? You should start from analyzing the process of sending and perceiving the information. You can understand where exactly the problem appears. The message is sent in 8 stages:

  1. A reason or a motivation to say something appears;
  2. A message is composed via internal and technical processing of what you want to express;
  3. A message is coded (speech, gestures);
  4. A message is sent as a sequence of certain signals;
  5. Noises like natural sounds can influence the quality of a signal and the collocutor’s perception of your message;
  6. A signal is accepted by a recipient (your collocutor);
  7. A collocutor decrypts your message;
  8. A collocutor interprets your message.

If a failure occurs at any of these stages, your message will be interpreted wrongly. It works the same way when you are the recipient.

Besides, non-verbal signals can greatly influence communication. They are touches, gestures, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, clothes, etc. Speech contains non-verbal elements too: rhythm, intonation, tempo, etc.

The main reason for us to fail to understand or be understood is communicational barriers.

Five Main Barriers

In fact, there is a huge number of possible communicational barriers, but we should start from the five main ones. You can improve your communication skills significantly after overcoming them.


Communication Barriers



Judging Others


If you judge your collocutor, you make two mistakes:

  • First, you stop understanding the point of his or her messages (there is no time and wish to do that);
  • Second, you start labeling people.

Showing No Interest in Collocutor’s Words

Interest and curiosity are conscious processes. Dale Carnegie meant exactly that when he wrote about the need to show sincere interest towards other people: do not just pretend, but be conscious in communication with others, switch your autopilot mode off.

In many situations you need to work on making yourself become interested.

Using Technical or Incomprehensive Language

Not only does it irritate others and make you look like a snob but also totally spoils mutual understanding and dialogue. Learn to express your thoughts using simple words. But if you see that the collocutor reads your messages with no problem, it is possible for you to start communicating in a more professional tone.

Giving Unwanted Tips

They are bad because they build communicational barriers between you and your collocutor. He or she stops thinking about your message and feels irritation expressed in one phrase: “That’s not your business!”

It absolutely does not matter how good your tips are. Learn to give them at the right time and in suitable situations.

No Empathy

Every person has troubles and worries, whether this is a homeless man or Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain. You need to be (sincerely) interested in those troubles. Remember that those negligible personal problems are more important for your collocutor than all wars, fires, and crimes combined.


Empathy in Communication



We’ve discussed what should not be done, so let’s speak about things that are necessary to do. I mean let’s talk about communicational skills which are worth improving. Check the second part of this article coming soon.


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