Essay About Modern Tendencies in Gender Studies: What to Include?

on 22/05/2018

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Before starting the essay, you have to be precisely aware of its topic. The first thing you have to do is to find out all the necessary information that deals with the topic. That will let you operate with all aspects of the theme and, of course, extend your knowledge. Therefore, if you have chosen such a sophisticated topic that deals with gender studies, you have a clear understanding what this term stands for. You have to get to know (in case if you still do not) what is the point of these studies, the tendencies of the discipline’s development and some nuances of appreciation in the world.

What to Start With?

Begin with writing what gender studies are. This is a predictable, but still relevant way of actions. You can also describe how old they are and the process of their appearance. In this paragraph, you can join the easy-to-find information with some historical aspects, which will make the text not so simple. However, beware of inserting extended historical background. It is an essay, not a research. Also, add several sentences about the topicality of this text. It will be a valid introduction that will help readers to understand the necessity of reading this very essay. If you are already facing difficulties at the intro stage, let the online essay writers assist.

Extend the Borders

The next paragraph of your writing should have a logical transition to the narrower subtheme. There is nothing shameful about beginning with well-known information (however, for the majority it will surely be the new one). You can create a small list of general tendencies of these studies. After that, it will be good to explain each tendency separately, with possible examples from practice and objective laws. Moreover, you can write about all the spheres of gender rendering, starting with a reference man-woman, continuing with sexual behavior and even finishing with health norms. You will definitely need some factual information to strengthen your essay, so get it from WriterCheap.Com.

Find Out Something Up-To-Date

When you are done with general points, you can proceed to those more modern. Each person is interested in the present, not even talking about the future. We want to know what will happen tomorrow, what will change, whether it will influence our life. Thus, the following paragraph should to be filled with modern tendencies, research works, investigations, discoveries, even scandals that deal with the gender studies. Here you are free to use any sources (wisely!) in order to make this very part of your essay more interesting and absorbing. Actually, the formal data submission remains the same as with the general points. You can again create a list of tendencies, extending each point at once or as a separate block. Here you also need to check all the information that you are going to use. Because there is nothing worse than disinformation. The idiom that “paper can’t blush” does not work here.


At the end of the essay, you can remind the topicality of this very theme. However, if you are too high-toned about tautology, you can use all your psychic skills and predict some brunches of gender studies development as they are each of their tendency.

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