Examples of Narrative Essays

on 28/10/2018

Everyone has at least one weird, awkward, hilarious story to tell, so everyone can be a writer. The difference between a regular person and the author of the best seller is in the mastery. The author hones the skills every day and gets the result. You can relax, to be one of the narrative essay writers you do not need to hone your writing skills every day. Moreover, you won’t struggle to come up with an idea about narrative essay topics, we have already had ones. Believe us, a narrative essay is the easiest thing to write.

We bet at the college or at the high school, on dates or with friends you have at least once experienced something that other person never has. Write your memories down, and it will a perfect example of a narrative essay. But if you are run out of inspiration, we are here for you with two narrative essay sample to show how it can be written.

In the article, the examples of the narrative essay are personal stories. The word “personal” is a key for every narrative essay. It can be your personal experience (good or bad), your first experiences in something, your family moments or even moments of frustration. Do you have the most memorable story? Perfect. Do you remember the most horrible things in your life? Perfect for a narrative essay. There are some samples of a narrative essay for you to understand what I am talking about.

Example One: How I Won the Battle with Bad Days and Horrible Mood

Narrative essay - Battle with Bad Days

They say “This too shall pass”, but it works only in a magic land. In a real life, we need to find our own ways to beat the mood swings and to survive horrible days like “dead week”. I have been there, and I know how hard it is to resist the urge to put the head in the sand. But at some point, I decided to stop being the victim and try to be the doer.

Have you ever thought “as soon as I go to yoga classes, I will calm down immediately, weight 6 pounds and squeeze into my skinny jeans"? I found out there is no yoga class in my area and a new outfit for yoga classes is too expensive. And you know what? On the same day, I understood there is no good time to start doing something new and there is no money in my pocket. So, being terribly tired of the day in college, I decided to try out all the known methods of self-help in one day. Some of them are my salvation till now.

The first thing was dishwashing. In a stressful situation, dishwashing is a free hypnotherapy-psychotherapy session. The noise of clean running water relieved my fatigue and takes away all the "dirt", not just the household. The idea of taking a hot bath came to me later. Since then every contact with the water makes me feel alive. Moreover, now an open water swim is my hobby. So, the best way for me to relax is to have a contact with the water.

The next thing I tried was the verbalization of everything on my mind. It is a great thing, I am telling you. You can write it all down on paper or write a long letter. I preferred to talk with the phone switched off. I was imagining talking to a fictional character, which knows and understands me, while my phone had been switched off. It was just a relief. Sometimes your close friends and family just can’t understand you. In this case, “someone” on the other side of the phone will definitely help me. Moreover, this “someone” could not disagree with me.

The other method I used to call “It could be worse, others have more difficult issues”. I need to work on the title a little bit. You can say such an approach is only for losers, but I would disagree. When I came back from college with an awful grade and with a breakup behind my back, I could not get a grip. You know what came up to my mind? Millions of people who do not even know how the steak which I ate yesterday looks like. I remembered I can call my mom, take a bus and hug her in a couple of ours. It is a privilege. I mastered this way of thinking and stopped turning my nose up at that strategy.

Before I say my favorite method to win the battle with a horrible mood, I would highly recommend you to watch one episode about the adventures of Sponge Bob Square Pants. When he was afraid to perform at a school seminar, a smart squirrel gave him the super-glasses. Wearing these glasses, Sponge Bob saw all the students and the teacher ... in their underpants. It was ridiculous! Although because of the laughter he never read his report. But the method is really efficient.

Force yourself to love is the best way to beat not only a bad mood but every bad though that pops out in my head. I do believe that even after a little smile, at least one microbe in my body is going to die!

Example Two. Girl’s Story: Why I Do Love Football

The first thing that holds us back and prevents us from living the life we want is emotions. But they also make us feel the butterflies in the stomach. Someone who has been cheering for the football team for years knows what I am talking about. The players, arbitrators, coaches are only a small part of the greatest game. Us, the true football fans are the heart of each derby. How did a girl become a football fan? Here is a story.

You put on the fan scarf at home, draw the emblem of the beloved team on your cheek and go to the stadium. And when someone is taking the subway, when someone is getting behind the wheel of a car, someone is going in the VIP sector, and someone is looking for the fifth seat on the right, we all feel the same thing – crazy excitement and a slight tingling in the chest. It was the first game I attended. This is what I feel.

The referee blows the whistle, and the game starts. You are so scared of a possible excuse for friends or crushing defeat. You move from the seat for a second and get comfortable to become a part of the game of millions of people all over the world. I understood that the same thing happens in a real life.  We are so confused by doubts and the thoughts of the biggest failure. Moreover, everybody convinces that you are rooting for the weak team.  The first thing is to dare to "buy a ticket". Duty makes you get up.

But the derby has just started and you have no choice other than cheering your team till the end of the game. I grabbed my head, closed my eyes before another penalty stroke, sometimes I wanted to run out in the middle of the pitch and kiss the goalkeeper for a brilliant save. I felt weird superpowers in my body when I was expecting the goal. It seems like I was falling out of Burj Khalifa, like I was ready to run the marathon in one breath, like I was able to win the battle with Vladimir Klitschko. The same thing happens in a real life. We feel the most emotional moments on the eve of the greatest changes when we inhale a cold air and hold our breath for a couple of seconds. Do not be afraid to enjoy these moments.

The first half is over. 0:0 on the board, a tie. What do the faces of fans say? Everybody is “happy”. I thought I drank tons of water and even had the time to discuss an awful offense of the opponent. And we were back to the seat. Although you probably know nobody was sitting. Second half, 73 min, a dropped ball, bad return, counterattack, and the ball into my team's net in one second. Left sector started to scream to the referee well-knowns words.

The most horrible thoughts also have a way of coming true. But the way out is to continue to cheer your team. I “put on” the earplugs and closed your eyes as hard as I can. Do not give up what you love, find the love in what you do. Then I opened my eyes and realized that the team has at least another 17 minutes to change the course of the game, I have thousands of people next to me who knows that my choice is right. True football fans know the motion can change everything in a second. The most important thing is to throw out the head trash.

… The smoke of firecrackers is fading away, the fans are waiting for the T-shirt of their favorite football player, your team’s coach is shaking hands with the coach of the opponents. One of them is going to celebrate the victory and have big plans for the championship. You might ask “Did your team win? Did they even the score and get played the opponents?” Well, do you remember I told you about the expectations for a goal which make us unbelievably happy? Do you know that feeling of falling out of the Burj Khalifa? Now imagine your parachute opens in the final seconds. This is what I felt at that moment.

So, the best way to write a great narrative essay is to cut out a small piece of your life and fill it with the feelings. Do not try to write something huge and brilliant, try to write something yours. It is way more valuable.

Kindly reminder, the examples of above-mention narrative essay can’t be used as a finished paper without our permission. If you would like to get a professional movie review, you can order it at writercheap.com

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