Essay Writing Sample: Internet Disadvantages

on 01/02/2018

The World Wide Web exists for enough time to make some conclusions and to check certain results. Nowadays, there is no branch of human life which hasn’t felt the influence of that phenomenon. But was this influence only a positive one?

Long ago, when the Internet existed only on the pages of science fiction books, the future seemed to be some kind of a magic tale. The united informational network connecting all the citizens of our planet dared to present not only unbelievable advantages for personal development, but a powerful push for the global economy, too.

Person in front of a Computer

Modern technological achievements connected to IT field overcame even the most optimistic predictions of science fiction writers of the past and philosophical idealists. But was the influence of those technologies useful?

Not everywhere, and not all the time. Here is why.

1. Monopolies Instead of Competition

Humanity expected the environment to create business and competition, but got monsters like Google, Amazon, and Apple. These companies concentrated great possibilities and resources inside them, and it is completely pointless to even try competing with them. As soon as any fresh and extraordinary project appears, it is either “consumed” by monopolies or dead.

2. Unemployment Instead of New Job Opportunities

Nowadays, nobody is surprised at a situation when machines replace humans in places where monotonous physical job is required. But the smarter technologies become, the more “unnecessary” professions appear. Even fields that had always been thought of as “ human activities” are now dominated by computers.

3. Privacy and Personal Life Secrets Destroyed

You can’t make a single step without the risk of being witnessed and recorded. None of your letters, photos or pictures can just disappear; they will always be available for people who need them. This happens already today, and the nearest future of digital world can give opportunities that are scary just to think about.

4. One More Inequality Measure Instead of Helping Ones Left Behind

Digital technologies promised the age of the worldwide equality when every human and every country receives equal possibilities and environment for development. In fact, countries that are technologically developed get even richer whereas countries left already behind stand no chance in this race.

5. Arts Destroyed Instead of a Cultural Renaissance

The cult of free access to any content was the first strike done by the Internet here. As a result, the whole system of production and distribution of art objects was destroyed. And the worldwide availability of creativity instruments is what serves as a final strike to modern culture. Today, you just need a computer connected to the Web to publish a song, a novel, or a picture. Millions of people didn’t miss that opportunity, and sank those few valuable works in the ocean of their average “creativity”.

6. The Power of the Crowd Instead of Personal Attention and Tolerance

Yes, you can express your opinion about anything. Yes, you can doubt things, discredit authorities and argue about whatever you want. The problem is that you certainly won’t be heard in a common choir of voices. Internet gave power to aggressive anonymous people who completely ignore any opinion that is different from the common one.

7. Low Knowledge Level Instead of Education

Google knows answers to all the questions. Why should you learn something if you can find that on the Internet? Free reports, essays, researches on any topic and many-many cute kittens can be found there as well.

8. Doubt Instead of Knowledge

Logically, the free access to any information should lead to the victory of science. But in fact, things went right the opposite way. Websites belonging to various prophets, magicians and occultists gain their followers much more successfully than representatives of serious scientific institutions. Internet is a perfect and uncontrolled environment to spread controversial ideas, alternative theories, totalitarian cults and many other shameful things the real world knows how to fight. 

9. Weak Economics Instead of Economic Growth

Everyone is satisfied when they gain the opportunity to get something for free or at least in exchange. There are many services in the Web that allow exchanging books, things, services, games, travels, etc. There even appeared a new kind of economy called “sharing economy”. New trading websites like TaskRabbit, ParkatmyHouse, Zimride,, Zilok, Bartercard и thredUP let exchanges of skills, things, services and funds take place. But consumption gets lowered, production facilities get closed, and people… people have to make savings and look for new ways of getting things for free. That’s the modern vicious circle.

10. Slavery Instead of Freedom

Digital technologies allow working at any time from any point of the globe, and they say this to be a great achievement. But earlier you could distinguish and separate working time from resting time, and today it is nearly impossible. You are always online, always ready to complete new tasks and always ready to go on with your job. 40 working hours per week that were gained by workers of the past century are just dreams for their computerized descendants. Isn’t that funny?  

Yes, the “Internet project” looks completely different than humanity used to imagine it in the past. Slowly but surely, digital economics make us all poorer, less clever and more vulnerable. This process has just begun, and nobody knows what troubles it can bring in the future.

Today, people can’t imagine the world without the World Wide Web. Moreover, they think this world would be awful. But is it really so? 

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