Paper on What Overbooking Is: Compensation and Protection

on 14/06/2018

In the previous post, written by the professional essay writers, we have explained the possible reasons for overbooking and ways to handle it. Obviously, you have to seek compensation if such an issue happens to you. Taking into consideration the new time of your flight, ask the airline staff to arrange a hotel room and shuttle service. And do not forget the money spent on communication with relatives (you have to warn them that you will be late) and food that you have eaten. Also, passengers are often offered tickets for another flight with an increase in the level of service without additional surcharges.

Compensation: Possible to Receive?


To obtain compensation, you need to appeal to the airline (particularly, to its representatives) and write an application or send it online. And it will be necessary to attach a copy of the passport and boarding pass.

Application processing lasts on average more than three months. You can also try to obtain the compensation through online services. Some of them have the opportunity to check whether your flight is compensated, download the necessary documents and send the application. The airline can accept the claim and pay immediately. If it does not happen, but you intend to obtain compensation, you need to save money for a lawyer.

  • The European Union

You can proceed with asking for money if a flight delay was three hours or more; also, compensation may be proposed if you have been denied access to the board. By the way, technical issues are also the reason to ask for compensation. The limitation period for the application varies from three to seven years, depending on the legislation of the countries with which the airlines operate. Compensations are not provided in case of terrorist attacks, strikes and bad weather.

  • The USA

The USA have stricter rules for compensation. In case you are waiting less than an hour, you will get nothing. But if the waiting time is from 60 up to 120 minutes, compensation is supposed (approximately the double ticket cost but no more than 675 dollars). Waiting for more than 120 minutes will be worth of four times the ticket cost, but not more than $ 1,350.

  • Russia

If problems occurred with an internal flight or the Russian airlines delay an international flight, the compensation would not astonish you. In this case, the Russian airlines are obliged to pay a penalty of 25% of the minimum wage per hour of delay, but not more than 50% of the freight charge.

If you want to find out more about compensation in various countries, go here. The more you know, the more chances you have to get the compensation.

How to Protect Yourself and Fly Away on Time

Unfortunately, there is no absolute guarantee that you won’t get into troubles. But there are rules, following some of which you can secure yourself:

  • Register for the flight via the Internet. And do it in advance. The first person who gets a boarding pass is the first one who goes on the plane.
  • If you plan to register at the airline counter, do not be late. Slow passengers often find themselves in an unpleasant situation.

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