Essay About Techniques for Making Wishes Come True

on 18/06/2018


It is a well-known fact that the things which bring pleasure and “liberate art channels” contribute to making our wishes come true. Among such things are various hobbies, contemplation of nature and art objects, meditation, walks and communication with interesting people.

At the same time, the practice of implementing dreams is still a closed book. Many of us wonder how it is possible to reach everything that we want. However, as it is said, nothing is impossible. So keep reading, and you will find out how to become a millionaire, pass exams successfully (that may be done easily if you address a cheap essay writing service), or just become a wizard.

Essay to Make Wishes Come True

In order to achieve success, you have to realize what success means to you − agree? The same issue is with wishes: firstly, you have to determine them. What is your dream? To become a millionaire? Build a successful career? Buy a car?

According to French psychologists, approximately 20% of the population is afraid of confessing their own desires. It can be explained by the fact that these people were unable to satisfy their needs which, as a result, turned into a real nightmare. They are ashamed of their dreams and wishes, therefore, they prefer to forget about them or follow the dreams of others.

Moreover, approximately 42% of the population does not know what their dreams are. Sounds strange? But still, it is a fact of life. There are many reasons that contribute to this phenomenon including the inability to distinguish a necessity from a dream or abundance of things that have led to the impossibility to find something that people really lack.

Nevertheless, there is a way that will help you to define your desires, and it is called writing therapy. By writing therapy, I imply writing short essays that will describe your feelings and emotions about particular things. The key rule is to be honest with yourself and write everything down. Therefore, you will be able to estimate the things you really want and which you will strive for.

By the way, writing is also considered to be the best method of analyzing: a left hemisphere that takes part in the writing process is responsible for the analytical skills as well. So, it is not surprising that writing will let you comprehend everything more precisely and reasonably.

Identify by Name

No matter how amazing it may sound but, in most cases, we ourselves put serious obstacles while striving to our goals. One of the main conditions of success is a clear and precise defining of your desire. After determining what you really want it is high time to name it. Very often, we dream about something abstract (good life, strong health, happy family, etc.), but we take it easy without pointing out what we want.

Why is it so important to concretize a dream? Because there is one thing that helps to implement it which is called subconscious. Subconscious leads the right way, and it does not understand any hints. Therefore, it is a must to formulate desires precisely.

You can easily train this method. For instance, take a clean sheet of paper and write down three desires. Analyze them and try to avoid abstract wordings such as “I want to travel.” Instead, replace this one by concrete phrases, ‘I want to go to Italy next month.” Do you like it?

Throw Scruples Overboard

Crying Person

Skepticism is one more thing that prevents us from realization of our dreams. Fearing to be ridiculed or get failed, we start coming up with circumstances that supposedly stand in the way of realizing our dream. “Anyway, I won’t succeed,” “It is not for my age,” “I have no money,” − these are things that come to your mind.

Why would you think like that? The roots of such thoughts are hidden in the lack of confidence. Therefore, we instill doubts and tell ourselves that we are losers.

Obviously, in order to stop creating obstacles, we have to deal with the issue of self-confidence. Only after believing in yourself, you will be able to implement the craziest ideas without fear of failure. There is a huge abundance of methods which could help you to cope with this issue. If you are not aware of any kind of techniques of improving self-confidence, do not worry and go here. You will find a lot of useful material which will contribute to your self-realization.

Become Artist


There is a variety of proven methodologies that will help to implement the desirable. People have been collecting them for many years. A “message to heaven” is among them.

The key point of this method is to visualize your desire − draw it and put it wherever you can for you to see it often. Probably, you will stop noticing it at all, but this trick will not work with your subconscious. Subconscious will watch it every day and will work on it putting more and more efforts.

Some people prefer making a collage of their dreams by cutting out pictures from magazines. And they are sure that this method is the best one. Still, the main aim of this technique is bringing pleasure that obviously will be reflected in your emotional being. And if an emotional being is ok, it will be easier to cope with any difficulties on your way.

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