Essay on Crypto Investors: Ways to Stay Calm

on 19/06/2018


Nowadays, cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular, and people are more interested in an additional income. Or even a primary income.

The world of cryptocurrency is full of various trends and many factors influence its market. Therefore, the traders are under permanent stress. And this has a negative impact on their health condition as well as the financial one.

Taking into consideration the information mentioned above, the ways to stay calm are of great importance. So, what is the medicine against the trader’s stress?

Essay for Crypto Investors to Stay Calm

According to American psychologists, the best way to cope with any stress is to reveal all your emotions. And no, you should not approach the strangers and tell them all your feelings − it is not a reality show, it is a simple life. But still, there is one method which could help you to cope with this task, and it is called writing therapy.

Writing therapy is considered to be one of the best methods of expressing ideas, thoughts and various feelings. Its principle is to write short essays that would describe all your emotions regarding particular issues. Whether you are upset or satisfied, the key point is to share the feelings which encompass you fully. To understand more clearly what it usually looks like, you can order one from professional essay writers and then follow the example.

The main benefit of such a method is its permissiveness: you are not limited in word expressions, grammar, punctuation, etc. You must remember that it is your essay and no one can dictate rules for you. So, take a clean sheet of paper and fall on art activities!

Come up with New Things

In case of negativity in the market or occurrence of an unsolvable problem, the best way to distract yourself is to simply switch to another project. While you are dealing with a new problem, a nontrivial solution of the first one comes to your mind. The ability of the brain to multitask helps to keep your options open.

And it is not about a specific brain of the crypto investor. Multitasking is a feature of any human brain. Just not all people are able to use this feature.

Most of us focus on one particular thing that does not let us express our interest in another issue. By such a practice we create an illusion of full concentration and comprehension of a particular situation without a possibility of failure or inability to solve some problems. But remember, it is only an illusion and our reality is quite different from what we are imagining it to be.

Change Route


The world of cryptocurrency demands high tolerance for stress, but even experienced traders can fall into despair at the next collapse of the prices. Nevertheless, such situations force us to understand: every fall is followed by a rise.

In general, it is important to observe the mode of the day and not be engaged into an aimless following of various social networks. This time should be spent on self-education and new achievements − a sense of victory over circumstances makes it possible to be sure about tomorrow.

Sometimes, in order to calm down, you have to be disconnected from the everyday life for a short while. And in working days it can be achieved in a simple way − by changing your daily routes to the office and home. Such small, but conscious changes in the daily routine have a positive influence on the state of the soul. Especially if changing the route is accompanied by listening to your favorite music − preferably not too depressing.

Become a Philosopher


The double drop in the cost of bitcoin is not happening for the first time. In the trading environment, it is considered that the low rate is the most successful time in order to buy a crypto currency in terms of the so-called rebound. If you have iron nerves, do it. But there are also such traders who consider the current situation as the end of an era of high returns.

Whatever it is, the depreciation often occurs because of bad news. But it is important to remember, that Bitcoin is a multi-billion-dollar business, many times bigger than some dark ways of earning money. None of the institutional participants will let it disappear for a long time. There are huge capitals that want to enter the market at a low rate. Through the media, they give panic to people, and as a result, hair salons for hamsters are opened around the world. Weak links are giving up positions and selling their assets to people who understand what is really going on, and these assets are being bought.

To remain calm, we must clearly understand what we are dealing with. The injection technology is called FUD − fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It is a tactic of psychological manipulation, which is used to feed the news so as to disseminate uncertainty and doubt among the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to abstract from the negative as much as possible.

How? Become a philosopher who always remembers that a bad weather will be replaced by a good one, and negative news will turn out to be positive: the drop of bitcoin will turn into its growth and so on. If you suddenly feel panic, the only thing that you have to do is to calm down. Read a book, go on vacation or go to work that is not related to trading. Self-education is not a superfluous thing in this case. You can find interesting articles about motivation and inspiration to forget about your problems. If you are not aware of what I am talking about, go here. You will be surprised by their abundance.

Approximately the same piece of advice can be given to any situation that causes anxiety, but on which you have no influence. Just remember that you can cope with everything and there will not be anything that could prevent you from success.

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