11 Habits Able to Make a Student Successful

on 12/01/2018

Look onto everything from different viewpoints and you’ll understand that you can get what you want much faster than you used to think.


Successful Student


  • 1. Set Ambitious Goals

    It is easier to reach goals when they are:

    People get what they want. If you prefer finding excuses and justifications in order to explain the lack of progress in your life, then just state that you like your today’s status. That acceptance will help you calm down. And if you dare to improvement more than to comfort, then obstacles will push you forward, not stop.

    • Based on your internal motivation. Your wish is a starting point of any achievement.
    • Complicated enough. Otherwise, they aren’t going to motivate you.
    • Limited with time. Deadlines make you throw fake limits out and think creatively.
  • 2. Program Your Mind

    When you are awake, your consciousness and sub-consciousness conflict between themselves. For instance, you want to be an optimist, but you still behave as a pessimist. Nevertheless, you can reprogram your mind.

    Try to visualize or even speak aloud about things you want to achieve. Visualization can help you get your emotional experience. You have to feel what it is like to reach your goal.

    When you tune up your mind that way, there will appear thoughts and ideas connected to your goal during the day. Catch them up obligatory and try to activate them at once. If to ignore those tips, your mind is going to stop offering them to you.

  • 3. Study and Work in Unusual Conditions

    In the year 1905, Einstein published four scientific articles that changed all the basis of modern physics and knowledge about space, time and matter. It is a curious fact, that he wrote those articles not in physics lab or his office, but in the Swiss patent bureau. A work in such conditions allowed him avoiding himself being cycled up on known laboratory methods only.

    When your working conditions differ from those of most part of people in your field, you can make unexpected conclusions and combine ideas from various disciplines.

    If you read things others do, you are going to think like everyone else. And if to think like everyone else, you won’t be able to think out anything new and unique. Be curious. Look for unknown sources, study things nobody did before. Then, your work will be really valuable for the others.

  • 4. Pay Attention to Processes (not Results) of Successful People


    Studying Process


    If you want to improve your skills about any field, watch after people who reached success in it. But pay attention to what exactly and how they did, not to results of their work. Then you’ll understand that you can reach many things, as the process of reaching a success (your behavior) depends on you completely. And if to think only about someone else’s results, you’ll just want to give up as a result.

    Do not try repeating every detail of the process when studying successful people and their methods of work.

    Everyone has his or her own strategy. And then, even successful people can be mistaken about something. Find their behavioral models, key skills you might need. After you master them, expand those models and go deeper into them in order to overcome your idols one day.

    • 5. Make the Most Effective Actions Become Automatic

      When studying new things, you depend on your memory and ways how you use it. First, your brain is busy with learning the process of doing something. Then, after a certain amount of practice, it can perform the action automatically, and you are able to concentrate on other thoughts during that time.

    • 6. Learn Through Practice

      People are used to think, that they need to master all the theory before starting to practice. Ad the information availability of modern world helps them using their “learning” as an additional form of procrastination. Still, it is much better to learn something through the process of acting. This approach is called as a context oriented learning. Here are its main principles:

      • Study the most simple form of conception;
      • Use that elementary knowledge in real situation;
      • Try to get tips and feedback (often expressed as a “fail”);
      • Use the criticism you received in practice;
      • Get feedback again;
      • Repeat until you become a pro.
    • 7. Concentrate on Quantity First

      Not every thing produced by outstanding people is to be of outstanding quality. Picasso created thousands of art works, but only some of them are known as masterpieces. Einstein published 248 scientific articles, but only some of them made him famous.

      Quantity is the way to quality. The more things you produce, the more ideas you get. And some of those ideas might be original and completely innovative.

    • 8. Track Your Results

      If you want to become better in any discipline, measure your abilities. Otherwise, you are not going to know what successes came to you. By tracking and measuring results, you will be able to notice and estimate your weaknesses objectively, too. You’ll understand what to concentrate on, and will be able to systemize your development.

    • 9. Find a Mentor Expecting You to Reach More than You Think

      Other people’s expectations can seriously influence what one reaches in his or her life. While being a child, a person receives a level of expectations based on expectations of their parents. Those hopes form an invisible barrier which is extremely difficult to overcome it later.

      Nevertheless, it is possible. A human is always able to improve and adapt. Yes, one’s growing up process is difficult and sometimes even unpleasant, but if you refuse giving up, you’ll be able to overcome all the invisible barriers step by step. Things will be even easier if the right mentor supports you. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with people who expect you to reach many things.

    • 10. Remember that You’ll Get Development and won’t Be able to Work with One Mentor All the Time

      One mentor can teach you only certain skills and knowledge. If you want to go on with development, you’ll need another teacher. A good mentor will understand this and will dare to this. While teaching you, he or she gives you knowledge, and lives in your job and your successes.

      But do not forget about your mentors and their role. You reach success not only because of your own will, but because of their help, too. Never say bad things about them and anyone who helped you on the way.

    • 11. Think Flexibly

      Flexible Thinking



    People often classify things around them too much, and then get trapped by their own classifications. If to look onto everything from just one side all the time, it will seem that your possibilities are somehow limited. But things you dare to get are reachable for you in most cases. You only need to change your viewpoint.

    The worst thing is when you are limited about perceiving yourself. Do not allow your prejudices and stable old classifications determining you and your behavior. You do not know who you can become and what you can reach. Look onto things from various sides and think flexibly, then your possibilities will be unlimited.


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