The Right Way to Support a Person

on 06/04/2018

Girl with Chocolate

No matter what happens, you always have to have a bottle of fine wine hidden somewhere at home. What can be a better soul cure in case of emergency? Here comes advice from Writercheap!

When someone of our close friends is having emotional struggles, we are willing to do our best to make our dear people feel better. It can be a bucket of ice-cream and a rom-com (or the whole night of watching “Love Actually” over and over again) when we`re talking about a breakup. Or a rowdy party and some boozy drinks if your friend has failed an exam.

But being there for your close person is the most important thing. That means to talk to them, to calm them down, and help them find a solution.

You might think that you know how to cheer up your bestie and how to get them out from the pit of depression. But what if you`re doing everything wrong? Being a student is very emotional and exciting time. It`s like you`re constantly at the edge of a nervous breakdown.

So yes, when it comes to empathy and the art of supporting another human being, there are many tricky moments. Your main goal here is not to make things worse. In order to handle that, let`s find out what psychologists think. In addition, you can find more ways to help a depressed person in this post.

Being Sad Is Fine

I mean it`s not fine most of the time because it can be a sign of serious depression. But if something minor (okay, let`s say not that serious) happens in a life of another human being, let them feel their grief. That`s our bodies` coping mechanism. This happens on a hormonal level, so just let people be sad! Don`t let this condition of mind and soul get out of control though. And the most important thing psychologists emphasize on is that you should never ever shame a person for feeling blue.

They may start thinking that they`re a burden to you and will shut you out from their lives. It`s a good idea to spend the whole day at home with them. Don`t force a sad or depressed person to go out if they don`t want to. If your way of coping with a bad mood is getting out there and partying all night long, just don`t try to give this “medicine” to a friend of yours. Anti-sadness medicine is never universal. It`s rather personal, so learn to listen to your buddy.

Are You Sure That Sad Puppy Doesn`t Want You Around?

Sad Puppy

Perhaps, it`s all because of movies’ influence. We get so many aspects of life depicted in films wrongly! There is this scene showing us a girl who is mad or sad and locks herself in a room, screaming that she doesn`t want to see anybody. Seriously, these scenes are really mainstream right now. Hollywood needs to come up with something way more creative. But the point is that you shouldn`t blindly assume that a person who has been through a negative emotional shock wants to be left alone.

If they ask you to leave, then do this because sometimes staying alone with your thoughts does help. But don`t stop interacting with a person. What if they start thinking that you`ve forgotten about them or their mood is just too unbearable for you? Being a friend means that you have to be around that person no matter the mood. “For better or worse” you like each other not because your hormones told you to but because you`re two awesome human beings. Or you`re just two weirdos, who knows?

No-No Phrases

Cheer Up

Again, just forget about all movie cliches, they are no good. Because of those “I know what you`re going through”, “Just get over it”, and “Look at the bright side” are definitely not working. Psychologists claim that these ways of showing your support may actually make things worse. It can drive your close people mad, and you definitely don`t want that.

Oh, there is one more absolutely brilliant phrase that you`d like to say if you absolutely hate a person you want to support during tough times. “It`s all in your head”. How could you possibly put it in a better way? That`s an ultimate way to show your love and care.

These are the tips that are applicable in case some storm of sadness attacks your friend. In case of severe depression your actions should be much more careful and well thought-out. And, please watch your mouth. We`ve got this article to help you with it.

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