Cause & Effect Essay: A Perfect Way to Mess It Up

on 05/04/2018

Cause and Effect

Why can`t there be just one universal type of essay which would fit any topic and any professor`s needs? There are just way too many of them and it`s super easy to get lost. There are reviews, memoirs, reflection essays, and the whole bunch of other papers, which, for some reason, you`re supposed to know how to write.

See how great it is that you`ve got us? Let`s check the most logical type of college assignments – a cause and effect essay.

I think I know why it may cause so many problems. Probably because it requires logical thinking, and all students run out of it during the second year at university. As any other essay, the one we`re discussing here has a three-part structure. The introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Sounds like stuff that you were supposed to turn into your game right now. Still, something may go wrong, and you won`t receive the grades you expected to receive. Either you wrote it by yourself or gotten it ready-made by Writercheap, be sure to check the following key points.

Do You See the Difference Between a Cause and an Effect?

Teen Smoking

It`s one of the most common mistakes among students, and we don`t want you to make it over and over again. We`re in the same team, remember? It seems easy, and you probably don`t see what`s the big deal about it. You can just google the definition, and you`ll get the issue completely. Let us make it easier for you.

“Why did this happen?” is a question that determines the cause. “What happened because of that?” is a question that determines the effect. But no matter what topic you`re analyzing in your essay, it`s a rare case when there are only one cause and one effect. Any life situation is complicated enough, so it has many aspects. For example, the cause of teen smoking is a desire to fit in and be a part of a social group. The effect will be the shortness of breath. But it definitely does not the whole list!

A teenager can smoke because one of their parents smokes or because they are depressed, or they do it because they need attention. And don`t even get me started on all effects of smoking! You need to state at least two causes and two effects of an issue you`re writing about. Besides, the topics professors give you are mostly deep and meaningful, so you`ll definitely find what to say.

Introduction with No Background

As we`ve stated above, cause and effect essay has a usual structure of any academic paper. But it has certain characteristics that you might not have considered to be important. One of them is background information. When you write an introduction, you obviously should start with a sentence that will play the role of a hook. The attention of a reader needs to be captivated. It will be some kind of literary Stockholm syndrome.

A rhetorical question is usually a good start. Or you can mention your personal attitude to the issue. And you definitely should introduce a deep and logical background of the topic. It should be precise and brief. You need to give insights into the problem but not to retell the history textbook. If you forgot to include this kind of information in your previous works, that may be the reason for all those unsatisfying grades.

Linear Path of Narration

Logical Thinking

The characteristics that determine a cause and effect essay perfectly is logic and a step by step structure. You need to start with the most prominent and important causes, and then move to the ones that play secondary roles. The same is with effects.

By the way, it may seem obvious to you, but it happens that students start essays with effects. You do realize that something has to cause an event at first so it can bring certain consequences, right?

Befriend logic if you want to nail this assignment. Besides obvious causes, you can come up with your own ones. Perhaps, you`ll breathe in fresh air into some old and boring topic. You may or may not be right, but it`s important that you`ve tried to analyze the events yourself.

Predicting the further consequences would be interesting as well. Obviously, you need to rely on scientific data, but a professor will definitely be more interested in your own ideas on the matter. Got some ideas but still no time to write? Got a draft but final edition is just beyond your capabilities? Buy an essay rewrite on Writercheap, it is a viable compromise. Faster and cheap than in case with writing from scratch.

Are you in need of some more information? This article will provide it to you.

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