Essay About No Negativity: Only Positive!

on 29/03/2018

There are days when it seems that the whole world is against you. The alarm clock refuses to work, the bus does not want to wait for you, the mascara does not seem to be water resistant, and new sneakers do not fit at all too. Well, how to stay calm and enjoy life, in this case? It is not surprising why many people become pessimists.

Positive Vibes

By the way, you will not believe, but the scientists have conducted the research that proves that a person is born with a certain philosophy in his or her head: either he or she is a pessimist, or an optimist. There is no in-between, but you can fix it throughout life.

According to experts, everything depends on genetics, and unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to be born with a smile on the face. Well, how can you try to look at everything with a positive, when there is a convenient theory of pessimism? It is very simple – read how you can cope with this task.

Essay to Determine What Is Negative and What Is Positive

In order to succeed in dealing with negativity, it is very important to determine its meaning. What does negativity encompass? What are its key characteristics? Where can you see it?

Answers to these questions are very important as they are the basis of fundamental analysis that could help you to identify the main difficulties with which you have to cope.

According to American psychologists, writing is considered as the best method of analyzing any notion or phenomenon. The explanation of this theory is very simple: the left brain that takes part in the writing process is responsible for analytical skills. Therefore, while writing down any piece of information, we are the most inclined towards analyzing and researching.

In this case, we are focused only on one thing that allows us to proceed with a task more insightfully. So, the task is quite comprehensible – write a short essay (or any other kind of paper – you are not limited in this sphere) trying to answer the questions mentioned above. Moreover, it would be great if you could also determine the meaning of a positive for yourself. In this regard, you will be aware of all pitfalls that could appear on your way. If you don’t know where to start from, and besides, your homework constantly makes itself felt whatever you do, your best option is getting help from professional essay writers.

Nagging Is Not an Option

Of course, you know that pessimism is a very harmful thing. Negative mood badly affects your health. Every day you get frustrated over trifles, you are always nervous and destroy your nerve cells. And the question is why? Do you want to feel pain for a while? Do you want that everyone pity you? Anyway, it will not be in that way.

The maximum that you can get for such a behavior is sympathy and the desire to get rid of you. If you do not pretend to be a successful in life, then it is okay. But if you want something more, it is high time to change the mood. The first step is the realization that in most cases you make problems by yourself and then start complaining. And complaints do not solve anything. So, learn how to solve problems.

Take a Hold on Yourself


Complaining about the problems is the destiny of the weak, and it is not just a cliché, but a proven fact. Keep your head up, do not let yourself lash out at people who surround you. In order to smoothen things down for you, I can say what relates to whimpering: shouting "I am so tiiiired," when you have just come from school, "I am so bored, I do not care what to do," etc.

If you do not learn how to entertain yourself – nobody will entertain you. This trick worked when you were five years old. Go with it and begin to develop. While you are bored in your own society, and you will always be tired of any work, nothing will change in your life.

So, get out of bed and start acting – get busy with what you have wanted for a long time. By the way, if you say in advance that you will not succeed, such tactic can bring the same result. When you do something, you have two options: it will not work, or it will work; but when you give up in advance, there is only one option.

Do Not Compare Yourself

Probably you would like to feel like a successful, irresistible and simply cool person, but when you look in the mirror, the most severe critic awakens in you. Am I right? The whole fighting spirit disappears somewhere together with a good mood, and you start looking for chocolate.

If everything mentioned above is true about you, then it is time to stop. You will be surprised, but 99% of people have no fewer problems than you, but they just know how to create the illusion of an ideal life: they post happy faces, photos with last year traveling and photos taken with Photoshop on social networks. This distinguishes optimists from pessimists: optimists show a picture and struggle with problems, pessimists – struggle with optimists.

So, look for reasons to enjoy your life, do not criticize your appearance, but rather work on your shortcomings. And most importantly – do not compare yourself with others, it is very difficult, but comparisons make you take a step back, and you do not need it at all.

Do What You Love

Learn to relax and find a hobby for yourself. Do you like movies? Great, go more often to the cinema and make a list of movies that you would like to watch at home! Do you like to communicate with relatives? Plan each Monday to meet with them. Do you like decorating a room? Look for sites with original ideas and please yourself. By the way, if you lack ideas how to come up with a decoration, go here. You will find tons of brilliant ideas and techniques of decorating.

Read, draw, listen to music, cook – let hobby help you relax. And go in for sports – it relieves negativity, helps to bring thoughts into order and discipline yourself.

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