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Cultural studies have occupied an important place in the life and job of this writer. He always says that in order to write critical, professional reviews, you need to read a lot, to analyze. Be sure, his essay will make you read the book, or watch the movie, or visit some excavations.

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Finally a real expert on the Internet. You’re awesome man.

Very interesting paper about the thought process for developing computer animations. Thanks!

Your essay turned me a bit emotional. I’m going to watch “The Tudors” one more time. I got an A. Now I deserve some rest.

If Hollywood is a religion, then Christopher Nolan is its God. Agree!

After your review I am now further inspired to pursue my dream in becoming a film director.

Is it ok to be more obsessed with a movie review than with the film?

Didn’t know “Titanic” was James Cameron’s part-time job. Where can I get the same one? Ahah. Had a good laugh, man. Thanks!

Listen, your imagination is creating the reality... Awesome.

As far as I understand from your essay, visual effects are a separate type of art. Good point.

Seems like you know what you are talking about.

I’ve just watched “12 Angry Men”. No words. Thanks for a great review and great recommendations.

Turns out that it’s all about propaganda in Soviet movies. Thanks for info, man.

Enlightening review. Wish I had read as many books as you!

Your paper is easy to read. Simplicity in writing is an important skill. Thanks.

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