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It is hard to tell whether he is a humanities or a tech guy because he can write an equally perfect paper on both a Van Gogh’s exhibition and an IT conference. So why not combine these things in writing? Your teachers definitely will be amazed by the level of your writing.

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I didn't think that paper about how energy industries evolved would broaden my perspective a lot. My professor learned a lot too I think:)

“Don’t rely on the system to save you.” Great job, bro.

Don’t know how this guy can be so good at social studies. His emphasis on inequality of opportunity in my paper was strong.

Remember Jack Nicolson in “The Shining”? I didn’t even notice the details in the movie that you mentioned in my review. I got A for it, by the way!

Man I agree 100% that the Internet is supposed to be a force for equality. Good statement and good paper from you.

Got a great mood for the rest of the day. Finished the essay with snappy and punchy thing.

Where is the “order more” button? I need more samples from you!

Practical words of wisdom from a pro tech guy in my essay! Thank you, Macpro!

I reckon you might have a very bright future in science. Thank you for helping with my dissertation!

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