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This guy never has problems with logic. Probably that is why he chose to study STEM at university. We don’t need a calculator to count the number of people who are really interested in that. So, let him help you with all kind of papers and projects in formal sciences.

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I just think it’s an innate ability to understand math. Definitely not my thing. Thanks for your assistance!

Wilbur Wright and his brother invented the first airplane, I knew that. But had no idea it was 2 years before it had been said that man would not fly for the following fifty years. Her is an epiphany! Firstly, scientists say it’s impossible and then they invent what is impossible. You discovered their secret:)

Guys go read Nick Bostrom's book. It blows my mind. Thanks for review, PHymath2.

Great ideas on the ways to develop artificial intelligence in my paper. THNX!

I mean I was as lost as an Easter Egg on the subject matter of my topic. You finished my puzzle.

There are so many new words packed into my research paper that I thought I needed a tech dictionary. But I got a high grade anyway. Thanks!

Now I’m really afraid of all of these things you were writing about – pollution, global warming, overpopulation, nuclear weapons, mass disease. The next time I’ll order how to deal with this stuff just to know your opinion.

Good content. Appreciate your work and thoughts.

Thanks for help with my thesis. I'm sure 1/3 of 320 million people don’t even understand that our lives have so much to do with our economy.

So much personality and authenticity. Love it.

It’s the most dynamic essay of mine. Big thanks.

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