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on 28/12/2018

An argumentative essay looks like if you should use a superpower on someone: in order to get what is required for you, you need to use a persuasion super ability.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

Look, you are a teenage student. Your relatives made you keep curfew, but you want to have more time to stay out of the house. Solid arguments might convince your family about curfew extension, so you decide to write a letter to them.

Argumentative essay topic

This is the argumentative essay: a persuasive paper. With this text, you need to prove your opinion and try making someone think your way. As a rule, it is usually shaped as an essay, but your hypothetic letter to relatives is a type of argumentative writing task, too.

What to Start Argumentative Essay with?

In fact, the only thing you need to start is to choose the topic. What good argumentative essay topics can be chosen? To help you with that, our online writer (one of many) decided to set a list of topics for argumentative essay tasks. So, if you got lost because of not knowing what to choose or you’ve got a creative crisis, check the list below and get back to the game.


This field is just an endless source of argumentative essay topics for college. New technologies literally change the world every day, and their influence is not exclusively good all the time. There are many things and principles of technology suitable to provide discussions and to mention them in argumentative writings.

Technology argumentative essay topics:

1. Is Technological Progress in General Good for Humanity and Why?

2. The Development of Prostheses and Ethical Problems: Are “Robotized” People Equal to Other Humans?

3. The Future of Computerization: is it Good or Bad?

4. What Will Be the Effect of Robots Taking Most of Human Jobs? 

5. All Technologies are First Made for War: Do You Agree with this Statement and Why?

6. Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat?

7. Which Ancient Technology Had the Most Impact?

8. Technology and Ethics: What is More Important?

9. Will Virtual Reality Be Able to Replace the Physical World for Humans?

10. Do Technological Inventions Make Humans Weaker?


This is one more great source of argumentative essay topics for middle school, high school and college students. Young people are mostly interested in some kind of competition and sports, so we think this field is close to you. See topics and choose the most fitting one.

Sports argumentative essay topics:

1. Professional Sport is Not a Healthy Way of Life: Yes or No? Why?

2. Do You Agree that Cybersports Should Be Treated Equally to Traditional Competitions?

3. Is There a Place for Politics in Sports?

4. Fighting Sports: Should They Exist?

5. Are Student Sports Competitions Underestimated?

6. Healthy Lifestyle is not Obligatory Connected to Sports: Do You Agree?

7. Which Sports Record is the Greatest in Your Opinion?

8. Should Students Be Paid for Participating in Sports Competitions?

9. Sports Betting: Should it Be Forbidden?

10. What’s More Important in Sports Success: A Talent of a Sportsman or Knowledges of a Coach?

Essay writing


Media is the field of ongoing discussions and the reflection of all events around the world. Television, press, radio, Internet – these media channels became parts of everyone’s life long ago but people still don’t agree with each other in many aspects touching this field.

Media topics for an argumentative essay:

1. Reality Shows on TV Cause Human Degradation and Have to Be Censored. 

2. Media Censorship: is it Good or Bad?

3. TV and Kids: is it Good for Children Under 16 to Watch TV-Shows?

4. Children Under 14 Should not Be Allowed to Use Internet: Yes or No?

5. There Should Be Less Vulgar Movie Scenes on TV.

6. Video Games and Children: Does Media Violence Influence Mental Health of Kids?

7. Reality Shows Have Nothing in Common with Reality.

8. Should Children Have Less Screen Time?

9. State Internet Regulation: is it Required?

10. Can Violence in Media Lead to Troubles in Viewer’s Behavior?


Just an endless field of debates and argumentative texts. Persuading someone about any political case is almost impossible but it is very interesting. See argumentative essay topics about politics here.

Politics argumentative essay topics:

1. Americans Shouldn’t Enter Conflicts Abroad.

2. Celebrities (Athletes, Hollywood Stars) Should Be Forbidden to Enter Politics.

3. Is War a Thread of Foreign Policy?

4. It Is Allowed to Invade Other Countries with Military Forces if the Cause is Good.

5. Is Liberalism Better Than Totalitarianism?

6. Tyrants Were Good for States they Ruled.

7. Individualism and Collectivism: Why to Prefer One Over Another?

8. East versus West: Should the Rivalry Continue?

9. Globalism is Not the Best Future.

10. Is Democracy the Most Suitable State Organization System?


Students actually can write about education on a non-stop basis. Staying inside the system, they’ve definitely got many questions to discuss and opinions to mention. Just think what confuses or irritates you in your high school or college, and here is the bunch of topics for an argumentative essay writing.

Education Topics:

1. Argumentative Essays Should be Given to Students More Frequently.

2. At What Age Should Children Start Attending Schools?

3. Is the Electoral College Required?

4. Should College Athletes Be Paid?

5. Elite Schools Widen Gaps Between Poor and Rich People.

6. It is Not Good to Force Students Study Foreign Languages.

7. Are Remedial College Classes Effective?

8. School Uniform Should be Banned.

9. Students Should be Allowed to Use Communication Devices During Exams.

10. There Are too Many Tests and not Enough Writing Tasks.


This is another urgent and arguable topic for argumentative essays. Environmental problems are being discussed all over the world by students, politicians, scientists, etc. Everyone has something to say about nature.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Environment:

1. Governments Need to Work More on Ending the Non-Renewable Energy Sources Reliance.

2. Future Car Engines Should Be Totally Electric.

3. Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Does USA do Enough to Reduce it?

4. Cheap Goods and Environmental Damage: Are Harmful Products Worth It?

5. Climate Changes: Can Humans Be Responsible?

6. Reducing the Number of Cars Will not Improve the Ecological Situation.

7. People Need to Put More Efforts on Recycling Waste they Generate.

8. Humans Have to Stop Using Nuclear Stations.

9. Making Public Transport Free for Citizens Will Reduce CO2 Emissions.

10. Hunting is Good for the Environment

Additional Topics

Some more actual argumentative essay topics for you to choose.

Additional Argumentative Essay Topics:

1. Deforestation: Is it Worth? Can Economic Profits of Cutting Trees be Greater than Damage Caused to Environment.

2. What is Love?

3. Hunger Troubles: Should Americans Care More About People Dealing with Hunger All Over the World?

4. Stay-at-Home Dad: Can Fathers Be Full-Time Parents?

5. Does a Distanced Love Exist?

6. Being an Only Child is Bad.

7. Genetics: Should Parents be Able to Choose it for their Future Kids?

8. PC is Better than Mac.

9. Will People Live Longer in Future?

10. Will Humanity Know Peace?

Check our Best Essay Topics to get even more ideas.

Have a good luck in argumentative essay writing!

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