AI Essay: Can Peaceful Artificial Intelligence Be Used as a Weapon?

on 16/05/2018

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If artificial intelligence gets into the wrong hands, chaos is the only thing the world can expect.

I bet nobody will deny the fact that artificial intelligence can take human lives to new heights. AI is capable of solving numerous problems regular humans fail to deal with.

AI Personification

Still, many people think that super intelligent AI will want to eliminate humans like SkyNet, or to start conducting experiments with people like GLADoS from “Portal” videogame. The irony is that only humans can make artificial intelligence become good or evil.

Yale, Oxford, Cambridge university researchers and OpenAI company representatives published a report touching the topic of AI abuse. It describes hackers as a real danger. They can break the functioning of automatic AI-controlled systems by using malicious codes.

Researchers fear that technologies created for good purposes can be used to achieve someone’s harmful goals. For instance, surveillance systems can be used to watch regular citizens, not only to catch terrorists. Commercial drones delivering food supplies worry them as well: it’s easy to intercept them and to place an explosive in their baggage.

Artificial Intelligence Essay

The additional possibility that AI may be used to destroy lies in unmanned vehicles. It is enough to change only a few lines of the code to make cars ignore safety rules.

The threat might be digital, physical, and political.

  • AI bots are now being used to study vulnerabilities of various program codes. In the future, hackers will be able to create a bot capable of breaking through any protection.
  • Humans can automate many processes with the help of AI: to control a group of cars or a swarm of flying drones.
  • With the help of technologies like DeepFake it is possible to influence the political life of a country by using online bots spreading fake information about the world leaders.

These scary cases still exist only as hypotheses. Nobody offers to reject technologies completely. They state that the world governments and great private companies should care about safety, while artificial intelligence industry is only in its infancy.

Politicians should study technologies and work together with branch experts to regulate the creation and usage of AI software effectively.

Developers, in their turn, should estimate threats coming from high technologies, predict the worst possible consequences, and warn the world leaders about them. It is critically important for AI developers to join up with safety experts from other areas and to find out whether it is possible or not to use existing principles of modern technologies for AI protection.

Artificial intelligence is a very powerful instrument. Every human is interested in studying this new technology. AI should never be used by anyone to achieve illegal goals.

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