Examples of Argumentative Essays

on 13/09/2018

When you need to complete an argumentative essay, first of all, come up with a great topic. To narrow down all the options you have, I would advise you to concentrate on the modern ethical issues in whatever scientific field you are interested. Dilemmas are the core of a proper argumentative writing. In case there is no dilemma, there may be no arguments for or against. Restating the well-known facts will make you look unprofessional; supporting the obviously wrong viewpoint will make your audience wary of you. So, choose the issue which would not divide the audience into two camps.

  • Introduction – introduce the topic and formulate a thesis statement as well as a brief overview of the arguments in a sequence they appear in the main body
  • Body Paragraphs (1 argument = 1 paragraph) – start with a topical sentence, add supportive information and disprove the counter-arguments (if there are any)
  • Conclusion – summarize the arguments and restate the thesis statement

Later on, you need to organize your argumentative essay. You can talk about the pro arguments and after that proceed to the counter ones. However, when writing an argumentative essay, I would advise a different type of structure. When every argument is followed by a counterargument, it will make your essay way superior. So, after demonstrating a well-supported argument, present a counter argument to it. Take a look at the following argumentative essay examples to see what I mean. If you need a specific argumentative essay sample on a particular topic, you are welcome to contact our essay writers.

Argumentative Essay Sample #1: Self-Driven Cars: Why They Are Needed

Self-driven cars benefits

Self-driven cars have many benefits such as safety, no traffic jams and parking problems, beautiful design, affordable prices, reliable technology, etc.

The world is constantly changing, and the new technologies facilitate the quality of life. Still, it is fundamental to human nature to be cautious about any changes to the status quo, so some inventions are quite difficult for people to accept. Self-driven cars are a great example of this, as many discussions revolve around this matter. As far as I am concerned, I believe that self-driven cars are a safe, progressive, and comfortable way of transportation which will ease the people’s lives in many aspects.

The first thing self-driven cars will improve is the safety of driving. The majority of road accidents are caused by humans: the driver was texting while driving, was drunk, inattentive, fell asleep or was otherwise incapacitated. The automatic car will never face the same issues, thus reducing the number of accidents on the roads significantly.

Opponents may say that there might be programming errors in such cars, but if a car is tested carefully before being put on the road, the risk of failing software will be minimized. If standards are developed and upheld, this technology can become a usual part of people’s lives in no time.

Another common counter argument is that self-driven cars cannot make ethical decisions, but, as it was proven by research, they can. Ethics is no more than a set of commonly accepted rules developed by people, so it will not be difficult to program cars to meet those collective ideals. So, we can be sure that a self-driven car will make ethical decisions in every critical case.

Another issue that can be solved by the self-driven cars is the issue of traffic jams. Sometimes, traffic jams are caused by poor traffic organization of the municipal government, but still, in most cases, this is a human-related issue. As I have already mentioned, the number of accidents caused by traffic jams would decrease substantially. Furthermore, a self-driven car will move at a constant speed, thus eliminating traffic slowdowns. These smart cars will not miss the change of traffic lights, or break the rules. People say that self-driven cars can also break down and block lanes on the road. Indeed, they can, so they are not a solution to every single traffic problem, but in most cases self-driving cars are much better than traditional vehicles.

In addition to that, self-driven cars can solve the common problems of big city residents: parking. You will not need to waste hours and nerves looking for a free parking spot anymore. In the overcrowded locations, it is possible to just leave your car and go about your business as your car parks itself. The car will search for a sensible parking spot, and if it cannot find the vacant place, it will drive around waiting for the owner or a free parking spot. The opponents of the self-driven cars emphasize the waste of electric energy in such cases. Still, if one were to do the same themselves, the waste would be the same in addition to the waste of time and nerves.

Another benefit of self-driven cars will please those who like automotive design. The automatic character of these cars will make a lot of vestigial parts unnecessary. They will disappear from the car, giving opportunities for the new design solutions. For example, there will be no need for a steering wheel, so the cabin of the car can be reorganized to offer more comfort for the passengers.

People argue that they cannot trust self-driven cars and when sitting in such a car, they feel a lack of control. However, I do not think that this is an issue. This is just a matter of habit: it is hard to get used to something completely new. Just like we trust the smart house technology to control our home appliances, we need to learn to trust self-driven cars. It is clear that such cars are well-designed and tested, so all we need to do is just sit, observe, and relax.

I think that the price of a self-driving car will also soon become an advantage. Yes, right now the cars filled with electronics can be pricey, but this is normal for the new inventions. The self-driving cars are so convenient that I predict manufacturers will find ways to have this technology become affordable in the near future. With a demand for self-driving cars rising, they will find ways to reduce costs and increase production. Thus, more affordable self-driving cars will become commonplace. Soon there will be self-driving cars available at the same price as traditional automobiles.

So, having reviewed all the benefits of the self-driving cars, we can draw our conclusions. Upon the whole, it will make the lives of people much easier and help solve a number of issues. The benefits of self-driving automobiles far outweigh the cons, so it is clear that introducing self-driving cars on the streets will be for the common good.

Argumentative Essay Example #2: Essay on Legalization of Prostitution

Legalization of prostitution offers many benefits: public health improvement, social and psychological support, economic benefits, lowering the crime rate, as well as the opportunity to make a choice.

There are a lot of cases when ethics and economical profit contradict one another. Legalization of prostitution is a perfect example of such an issue. From one side, prostitution is ethically wrong, on the other side, it is a profitable business. This brings a lot of discussions between people, and, judging by how differently the problem is dealt with in various countries, a compromise is yet to be found. As far as I am concerned, I think that legalization of prostitution is a necessary measure to improve the safety within a society, to better the economic state of a country, to decrease the crime rate, and to support the right of people to choose how to treat their body.

Legalization of prostitution will get the government involved in the regulation of the practices that already exist in society. Therefore, the public health level will improve due to the requirement of sex business workers to pass regular health checks and have medical insurance. The places of work will also be subjected to careful sanitary control decreasing the spread of the infectious diseases. The rates of HIV/AIDS and other STI’s are alarming, and legalization of prostitution will bring benefits in this aspect.

In addition to health outcomes, legalization of prostitution will encourage the social support of the sex workers. A prostitute will be considered a profession, so prostitutes will enjoy the social benefits of being employed, including the official salary, paid vacations, sick leave, et al. Moreover, they will be able to retire and receive a monthly allowance from the government after making a career in the industry. The illegal status of prostitution makes prostitutes experience inequality in comparison to people employed in other spheres.

Together with the social support that being a legitimate business gives, there also exists a psychological support. Legalization will enable the government and non-profit organizations to be able to arrange centers of psychological support for prostitutes who want to change their lives, and they will be less afraid of using the services. Indeed, prostitutes often lack proper education to change their profession, and they are forced to choose this lifestyle in order to earn money and support their families.

I am convinced that the legalization of prostitution will also lead to the economic benefits for the state as well as its workers. Admitting prostitutes as the legal workers will make them pay taxes to the state budget. The phenomenon exists on the black market, so a lot of money is transferred and earned without taxation. And when we consider the size of the sex industry, the amount of taxation left on the table is huge.

The crime rate is high in the sex industry, mostly because prostitution has become an underground business. Would it not be preferable to just admit that it meets the societal needs and legalize it, so that the police are free from the extra work and can concentrate on the more important crimes such as rape and murder? Moreover, the legalization will decrease the instances of slavery and human trafficking where people are engaged in the industry unwillingly.

Finally, I think that it is a right of people to choose how to treat their body. Surely, prostitution is a sin according to many doctrines and religions, but what about the person’s right to control their lives, especially if the prostitute’s actions do not influence or interfere with someone else’s choices? If we think that prostitution tempts people into sin and thus should be illegal, the same should be done about gambling and alcohol, as both can lead to sinful behavior. It is clear that many religious leaders oppose legalization, but do they have a right to limit the person’s right to choose? I do not think so.

In conclusion, based on the arguments mentioned above, prostitution should be legalized, as it will have positive outcomes for the people in the industry. These positive outcomes will be enjoyed in healthcare and in the social aspects as well. It will reduce the crime rate, better the economic conditions of the state, and support the human right to choose how to treat their own body.

Do Not Copy-Paste Argumentative Essay Samples in a Rush: Warning

Even if you like the argumentative essay sample very much, and the topic is suitable for your particular assignment, do not be too quick to copy any of them and submit. Firstly, we worry about you because most likely your professor will view this as plagiarism, the essay will be marked accordingly, and this will cause serious academic issues, possibly resulting in your expulsion from the university. Secondly, the text is copyrighted, so copying it fully or partially, as well as using it for any commercial purposes other than just as a reference material is legally prohibited. If you’re experiencing a time crunch and looking for a fast solution, we advise you to place an order on our website, and a professional writer will be happy to assist you within a very short timeframe.

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