How to overcome depression when you are a student?

on 08/05/2019

Going to college for the first time feels like the beginning of a new life. A young man is full of hope and anticipation of the future. Something though went not the way he wanted. And one day he discovered himself in a bed with no desire to live. The best years of his life turned out to be a nightmare. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. According to the Center for Collegiate, Mental Health report 1 in 5 students in college is depressed.


Depressed student


There are specific factors that previous generations didn’t experience. In addition to stress in college, hormone changes, addictions, millenials live in the era of social media and fast information dissemination. And it only makes things worse.

Not all college students can overcome depression and anxiety on their own. Some of them keep their mental disorder in secret and don’t realize that there are consequences. Such as suicide, relationship problems, poor school performance, and drug addiction.

Everyone should know that overcoming depression is actually possible.

First of all, you need to explore the causes of your depression. Sometimes simple rainy weather can be the primary cause of your passivity. It can also be something more serious, like the death of a beloved person or separation anxiety. Once you make a list of things that disturb you, you will know if you can overcome depression without medication or not. Sometimes simple changing of your lifestyle may help you to overcome mild depression.

When do you need to take antidepressants?


Visiting a therapist


When you feel like you can’t deal with your mental health problem and help yourself, start seeing a therapist for your depression. Only a therapist can direct you. Maybe after a few meetings, you will feel much better. You can overcome your depression if you know your disorder.

Taking antidepressants can help you in several cases. When there is no change after psychotherapy, and there are advanced symptoms of depression (such as loss of appetite and disturbed sleeping patterns). And it interferes with your daily life.

Keep in mind that antidepressants can only be prescribed by your doctor. Self-medication can be dangerous for your health.

How does depression medication work?

Depression medication helps to balance neurotransmitters, chemicals in your brain that affect your mood. It will help you to sleep better and concentrate. There are different myths when it comes to antidepressants. One important thing to know is that antidepressants can’t help after the first day of taking them. To see the result, you need to wait at least 3 weeks. Another thing is that you still need to meet your therapist because antidepressants can’t solve your problems. It can only help you to feel physically better, but the rest of the job is yours.

Overcoming mild depression can take up to one month. Follow simple rules to keep the power on.

#1 Don’t be alone


Overcoming depression with friends


First of all, try to spend more time with other people. According to research, a lot of students don’t get treatment even though universities do provide mental health care to its students.

Young people with depression don’t tell anyone about the way they feel, they are lost and ashamed. But you can overcome depression only if you admit that there is a problem. And let your friends and family help with your issues. Being with other people while you are depressed helps to destroy the illusions that your brain creates. Such as “I’m tired of life, because there is nothing new” or “I feel such a failure.” All these thoughts are not the truth, and other people will point you at that.

Sometimes college students are getting depressed because they feel lonely. Their families are far away, and they haven’t met new people yet. In this case, feel free to go to different kinds of events, extra classes. Don’t feel guilty if you feel uncomfortable and awkward around new people. Your goal is to have a chat, spend time with pleasure. So, saying that you are lonely isn’t a good excuse. Speak to people whom you like and share your thoughts with them. It gives the solution instantly and can help to overcome depression.

Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to recover. People can’t read your mind. Talk to them.

#2 Physical exercise



Yoga treats depression


That is how you can deal with depression without medication.

You have probably heard that physical exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety, not to fall of shape and prevents many health problems. Mostly it is all-natural treatment because it helps the same way as antidepressants. Physical exercise will help to increase blood flow to the brain and release endorphins. As a result, your appetite will increase, you will sleep better and feel physically better (and even look better!).

Young Prince Harry was very depressed when his mom died. He became the main target for paparazzi and was very nervous and sad all the time. Everything changed when he started boxing. Prince Harry says it helps to let his anger out.

Taking up some form of exercise can change your mood faster than antidepressants. If you feel like you are not able to exercise, ask your friend to run with you at least a couple of times per week. Also, consider doing yoga in the group.

#3 Journaling




Writing can help you to see your life from a different angle. You can describe what you feel and what is happening and then read your notes. It will help you to get to know yourself better. Make it clear for yourself and say what you want to improve and where you want to make a change.


You can also share your journal with a therapist, it will be easier to give the recommendations. Keeping a record on your mood can help to manage symptoms of your depression.

Also, you can program your mind by using a positive language. Tell yourself through writing that everything will be alright soon enough.


#4 Reward yourself




If you want to overcome depression, you will have to spoil yourself with tasty food, parties with great people and shopping. Praise yourself every time you make an effort. At your lowest mental-health point you should actually be kind for yourself and do anything to feel better. A good strategy would be to think of three rewards for yourself every day. Maybe, you feel like you don’t want anything right now, but this is a delusion. Humans always have needs. What do you need today?

#5 Focus




People with symptoms of depression forget how much time they spend inside of themselves. They might refuse to ask other people for help. Instead, they just think all the time about what makes them sad.

There is one exercise that can be very helpful in this case. Once you start thinking about the past or your future and feel anxious about it, try to focus on where you stand right now and what you are doing. You can even start telling this to yourself out loud. “Hey me, I’m in my room, doing an assignment.” Come back to the reality, and you will see that it is not the end of the world and the rest of people can function normally so do you.


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