What is Cursive Writing?

on 10/05/2019

Cursive writing


Every person may recollect the period of elementary school days when pupils started their writing activity from tracing circles and lines followed by cursive writing. In this article, readers will find detailed info on what cursive writing is and why we actually need it in our modern era where digital stuff runs the world. If they desire to get more data on cursive writing, go here and get really great results ever!

The Notion of Cursive Writing

Most Americans think that cursive writing is a kind of communication of ideas that are widely used exclusively in the US, but in reality, cursive writing is an international spelling form.

Cursive writing is explained from the point of view of its numerous advantages:

  • It’s a specific type of penmanship that implements a flowing style for a person to make their writing activity faster (this writing form is circuitous and collocated);
  • A person’s writing is considered “cursive” when some separate symbols, strokes, and letters are connected after a sort. People implement it for a quite pragmatic purpose, i.e. be able to write things faster and clearer;
  • In the scientific community, this method is identified as longhand or script. Students are true appraisers of writing in cursive because during lectures they may summarize lectures in a quick manner as they write every word of a sentence without even lifting their pen from a paper. It really saves time!

“Cursive” in the Handwriting History

Let’s refer to the phenomenon of cursive writing in our history. The origin of “cursive” is the Latin word “currere” that stands for “to run” (if your teacher demands detailed info concerning cursive writing history from you, order an essay and impress everyone with some unique info on this topic).

The history of cursive writing started thousands of years ago. According to historical documentation, Roman people used this writing form (upper case letters only) for the purpose of recording mathematical transactions (actual food reserves, sales of stock, and so on). Later, their writing was represented by a mixture of upper case letters with lower ones. This manner looked like the slight flow and bowing of cursive.

During the period of the Roman monasteries prosperity, where monks spent days and nights on transcribing Christian manuscripts, historians witness a strong rise in “cursive” applying. All styles varied in terms of geographical region.

We should thank English monks for a modern version of cursive we use nowadays. A series of global transformations happened at the beginning of the 9th century: this style became legible with the use of lower case letters. Due to efforts of English monks, cursive meant words to be written separately.

In the Middle Ages, when paper was extremely expensive, people tried to place as many words as possible on a page for reasons of economy. In this historic period, denser cursive writing looked Gothic. This was a hallmark of the poor. A more graceful form of cursive called “italic” was used by the rich and it was equated with social status and wealth. “Italic” looked more beautiful on a paper as the elite had no need for economizing paper space.

Presently, we use an “elite” type of cursive (surely, with some modifications in design).

Obvious Reasons to Teach Cursive Writing

Many professors at universities as well as modern students have an opinion that this form is not relevant anymore. In the IT world of tablets and smartphones, it seems cursive is an outsider. Why should they learn and practice it? Scientists predict that in a few hundred years handwriting may disappear at all.

We don’t need even sign documents with a pen as people’s signatures are organized as electronic-based fingerprints and digital chips. However, practicing cursive has its indisputable advantages:

  • It’s the easiest form for pupils. For delivery info in cursive, a child shouldn’t distract her hand from a paper. They feel more confident during the educational process. Additionally, cursive is less puzzling. As a rule, pupils mix “f” and “t” (“p” and “q”) letters in print. It’s impossible in cursive as they put words in diverse directions which make it simpler for children to discern and shape letters. Mistakes are reduced to a minimum as pupils shouldn’t take up their pencil to draw another letter;
  • Cursive form improves spelling. If a child puts a word, they do it with their hand. Such motions exercise muscle memory. A slight flow automatizes writing and, develops good motor skills as children train coordination, special perception, and visual optics.

So, reasons to learn cursive writing are clear: it teaches young people to follow discipline in putting their thoughts on paper and trains motor skills as well.

Probable Difficulties with Cursive

Though this style has many pluses, still, people figure out a few problems if its use in the 21st century.

This form possesses limited adaptability on electronic tools. All modern content we observe is not represented “in literal.” It is typed. All those articles in newspapers and magazines, books, legal agreements, emails are typed but not fixed in handwriting.

People ignore cursive handwriting as it has no relevance and necessity for use in the real world. Nobody interests that you may write in cursive if you have no intentions to use this form.

Actually, there was a crucial moment in our history when we gave up implementing wax seals for legal docs. In some century we refused to speak in Old German or English. The point is that a style we write in should correspond to the period we live in, right? It doesn’t mean we should momentarily forget about cursive and follow trends such as typing everything on digital devices.

People should take the best of every method to transfer info. They need cursive for training mental as well as physical skills while typing means to stay up-to-date.

We have already discussed the advantages of cursive writing. Those people who support them should practice it. Those who want being fashionable should put accent on what IT technology gives us.

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