A Motivation Letter and the Only Ultimate Way to Write It

on 17/04/2018

Motivation Letter

I don`t even have to ask, I just know what you`re thinking. “A motivation letter? There are so many tips on writing it! You just choose the style and topic which suits you, and off you go!”

Hm-m, honestly, we have some major doubts about that. How many times have you tried to convince yourself to sit down and just write something? A small regular essay, for example? You write it, then you correct it a dozen of times, then you delete it and start anew.

When it comes to a motivation letter, it`s way worse than that. This work is super important. It can actually have an impact on your fate. You`ll be asked to write a motivation letter so many times in your life that these 5 minutes you`ll spend on reading our article will definitely pay off in the future.

If you`ve never written any motivation letter in your entire life, that`s fine. I`ll tell you more, that`s just awesome. We won`t have to re-teach you how to do it right. So, turn on your thinking cap because in a moment you`ll have a full ultimate guide to writing the best motivation letter ever.

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A Bit Eccentric? That`s Alright!

Eccentric Style

Everybody knows that this piece of writing has to stand out. It has to be extra unique. However, these are just words. Is there a way to turn your boring writing into a stand-up comedy performance?

Speaking frankly, there is absolutely no need to do this, especially when you`re applying for a job. If you`re trying to get attention of the university committee, then a few jokes or a funny story that will open your letter are more than welcome.

If you need something more relaxing, start with the line from the lyrics of your favorite artist. For example, Sam Smith has a song called “Pray”, and it starts like this: “I`m young and I`m foolish, I make bad decisions”.

Firstly, a bit of self-criticism will never hurt. Secondly, you`ll show people that you don`t take yourself too seriously and that you`re an outgoing person. Besides, you`ll give an impression of a team-player.

Modern companies appreciate such personal quality. If you`re up to something extra serious (you can`t really say that you`re foolish while applying to Oxford, right?), then a quote from your favorite poem will be a saver. And don`t forget to tell why you choose it and why it`s your favorite.

Give Me a Reason

All those admission committees and HR-managers are dying to know the reason why you decided to apply to them. What`s with all this curiosity?

This is the part of your motivation letter where you need to touch their hearts and flatter that university like you`ve never oiled anybody`s tongue before. You want to study there because the professors are the best, because the university is using the most progressive approach and the most modern technologies. It`s been your dream since you`ve stopped wearing diapers to become a part of this student community.

The latter may seem a bit exaggerated, but you`ve got the gist.

The Bible Says You Can`t

Old Books

But your motivation letter says that you have to. “Do not make idols”, that old Christian book commands, and you`ll disobey this time. Because now you have to write about your idol. It can be any sphere (poetry or mathematics), but this person has to be known for his/her contribution to the science, culture, or society.

You need to show that you have big goals in life and you have a person on your mind that you believe achieved a lot and is a great inspiration for you. The committee will love it. It will be a plus if you choose someone who is somehow related to that university or company.

Perfect People Don`t Exist

The biggest mistake that you can ever make during an interview when asked about your weaknesses is to say that you have none. Or that you`re a workaholic, which is even worse. Every mature person has guts to admit that they have some flaws to work on. We`re just humans, it`s natural.

So, if you`re more of a loner than a team-player, or if you don`t feel comfortable in a chaotic environment, you can say it.

A few examples will be enough. Don`t make them think that you`re a ball of negativity. But you always have to add that you`re working hard on eliminating those weaknesses and that you`re heading to success. Even if it`s not true.

These are the basics, but in case you feel like you`d like to learn more, you can check out this article.

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