The Most Effective Ways of Getting a Good Student Sleep?

on 16/04/2018

Sleeping Puppy

Have you attended at least one lecture this morning? That`s it, you`re done for today, now go home and treat yourself with a little 5-hour-long power nap. You totally deserve it. Student life is hard enough, so a decent night-time sleep (or whatever time you prefer) is absolutely crucial.

You might think that you don`t have to know how to sleep right. This knowledge had been in your possession since you were born. You just fall asleep and have the time of your life.

Students say that sleep is like food, but it`s free. Can`t agree more. Perhaps, back in your childhood days, a bedtime wasn`t your favorite, and you were coming up with all kinds of pretexts in order to stay up for a little longer. But now when all of those assignments won`t let go of you, sleeping is like a luxurious weekend. It`s just never enough.

But you`ve been sleeping wrong this whole time. Why is that so? The length of the shut-eye time is obviously important. However, the quality and effectivity of sleep can`t be ignored as well. The mood you go to bed in, the food you`re consuming before the bed-time, the temperature in your room are all factors to take into consideration.

So, on we`ve got some tips to help you sleep like a baby elephant. All because they`ve got the sweetest dreams.

An Investment into a Good Sleep

Comfortable Bed

There are so many things you can save money on simply because you don`t need any of them. The culture of consumerism has been devouring our souls for decades. All that shopping frenzy storms before Christmas and St. Valentine`s Day do carry a significant resemblance with dementors from the novels about Harry Potter. But there is something you should definitely spend good money on because your overall well-being largely depends on it.

We`re talking about the essential bed equipment. Good quality pillows, orthopedic mattress, sheets, and blankets. A good mattress has two sides for different seasons. Don`t forget to turn it over every six months. A couple of blankets should also vary from a season to season. Hypoallergenic pillows are highly important as well. You`re in a close contact with them 8 hours per day, so make sure your nose breathes the air with no allergens.

Five-star-hotel snow-white sheets aren`t necessary, but natural materials like cotton, silk, or linen are among the best choices. Besides, how are you even supposed to eat raspberry jam in a bed with white sheets? You`ll have to wash them every day, and that`s no fun.

Fresh, Just Keep It Fresh

This can be said about sheets, but I hope you don`t need such a reminder. The important thing is the fresh air. If it`s not freezing outside, don`t hesitate to open the window. Or do hesitate if the street is too smoky and loud. Then just set your AC to a cooler temperature. Bundle up with a blanket and dive into those sweet dreams.

People sleep much better in colder temperatures. These are already high-quality z-z-z-s that we`re talking about. The problem with your sleep may lie not only in the room temperature but also in the layers of blankets.

What? You have only one huge, cozy, warm blanket? You see, dear, that`s where your mistake is hiding. It`s better to be covered in layers of blankets. This way you`ll be able to regulate the temperature much more effectively. You`ll just put aside one of the blankets if needed.

Good Food and Sleep Are the Besties of Your Health

Eating in Bed

Number one food for your good sleep that most nutritionists swear by is a banana. Thank goodness it`s not broccoli! In case you like broccoli, I had zero intention to criticize your food choices, trust me. Bananas have absolutely everything to provide you with baby-like sleep.

So, what`s about those berries? Yes, yes, bananas are berries. I know, it sounds shocking, but it`s pure science. By the way, tomatoes are berries as well. I think I`ve just turned your world upside down.

Bananas are melatonin-boosting food. Besides, they normalize the heartbeat and reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

Cherries should be on your list of the daily meal too. They act like a great helper for serotonin, which is responsible for sleep regulation. Chamomile tea will be extremely beneficial as well. It calms your nervous system and just makes you feel all relaxed.

Also, you can add more exercising to your everyday life. It`s coming along with all kinds of advantages: you`ll become fitter, your heart will be healthier, and your sleep will get better.

Do you think that you could use more tips? Don`t worry, you can find them right in this article.

Get our expert essay help tonight and be sure to enjoy your sweet dreams!

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